Crypto Weekly 9th February 2019 Market News

Following in the steps of Amazon and other enterprise businesses, Google is looking to make blockchains accessible to anyone through new search technology that exposes which blockchains are being used, and by whom.


A Crypto Mystery: Is $136 Million Stuck or Missing?
Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Quadriga says its customers’ holdings are trapped in an electronic vault after the firm’s founder died without revealing the access keys to unlock his laptop. Two researchers, though, say the money might’ve been stolen.

This is how Google is quietly making blockchains searchable
Following in the steps of Amazon and other enterprise businesses, Google is looking to make blockchains accessible to anyone through new search technology that exposes which blockchains are being used, and by whom.

A great overview of stablecoins and their role in the new digital financial ecosystem
Stablecoins are akin to a digital derivative product, and they allow investors to trade in crypto-assets that lie outside of a given blockchain. This is an excellent deep-dive into how they’ve gained adoption so quickly, and what’s next for stablecoins moving forward.

Blockstream open sources development of its proof of reserves tool
Blockstream is launching an open-source tool that will enable anyone to authenticate the size of an exchange’s crypto reserves. That said, some users do have privacy concerns around the tool being used to unmask individual activity on certain exchanges.

Under the hood of Ethereum, the world’s computer
In just a few short years, Ethereum’s decentralized computing infrastructure has become the software layer powering thousands of Dapps across its ecosystem. Here’s how Ethereum works from a technical perspective, and why transactions only give a small window of insight into the full amount of activity happening on the network.

Zcash’s counterfeiting vulnerability has been successfully remediated
Zcash recently uncovered a significant vulnerability in its network that enabled malicious actors to counterfeit its own cryptocurrency. The threat has since been mitigated, and in this post, Zcash’s security team explains how they identified and resolved the issue.

ICO funding remained stable last quarter, according to ICOBench’s latest report
Q4 of 2018 saw more projects than ever reaching their hard cap, but overall funding remained relatively flat compared to last year, with roughly $1.4B in ICO funding raised across the quarter.

Interview with Preston Van Loon, Co-Founder and Team Lead at PrysmaticLabs
The Block sat down this week with Preston Van Loon, Co-Founder and Team Lead at Prysmatic Labs, to discuss the origins of his client implementation project, the future of Ethereum, and life as a Xoogler.

Equity belongs on the blockchain – here’s why
Moving equity in private companies onto the blockchain can help startups increase both liquidity and financial flexibility. This could potentially result in fairer funding terms for founders overall.


  • Ripple teams up with 10 new universities for blockchain research initiative. Link
  • This is a great Periscope broadcast with CZ on the latest happenings at Binance. Link
  • BitBounce surpasses one billion emails through free cryptocurrency spam solution. Link
  • Litecoin Foundation and Beam to implement Mimblewimble via Extension Blocks on Litecoin. Link
  • Coinbase Wallet adds support for bitcoin and SegWit. Link
  • Bitcoin volumes reach all-time high in Venezuela. Link
  • Abra Wallet introduces Bitcoin investment option for stocks and ETFs. Link
  • Fintech company Apex Clearing will soon be launching its crypto custody offering called Apex Crypto. Link
  • Here are 8 technology trends the banking industry must watch in 2019. Link
  • Dharma raises $7 million to build out a decentralized lending platform for large investors and traders in crypto. Link
  • Huobi launches US dollar gateway for global crypto traders. Link
  • Coinbase extends PayPal withdrawal option to 32 European countries. Link
  • Meet DexIndex – Open-source decentralized exchange price comparisons. Link
  • Major crypto exchange Huobi claims a 100% increase in trading volumes from 2017 to 2018. Link
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