Crypto Weekly 7th December 2018 Market News

This is a great piece from legendary crypto investor Jimmy Song on how to survive (and thrive) in the midst of a bear market – and why bear markets are actually healthy from time to time. Plus the weekly updates

Jimmy Song: Tips on getting through a bear market
This is a great piece from legendary crypto investor Jimmy Song on how to survive (and thrive) in the midst of a bear market – and why bear markets are actually healthy from time to time.Do blockchain maps have the potential to replace GPS for good?
Crypto-cartography is an emerging field that promises to use blockchain for spatial verification – and some experts are saying that in the long term, it might even be able to replace GPS for navigation.Silvergate is quickly becoming the leading bank for crypto startups
Silvergate Bank is just five years old, but it’s already the most popular bank for crypto startups. The bank has narrowed its focus to crypto exchanges and institutional traders, and counts Coinbase among its clients as well.

An exclusive letter to ConsenSys staff is detailing a major strategy shift
After years of running dozens of projects with little prospect of return, the crypto giant is finally focusing on efficiency. A new memo circulated to ConsenSys staffers this week noted that underperforming startups will be shut down, and the organization itself will put significantly more focus on achieving profitability. It was confirmed today that 13% of staff at their portfolio of startups is to be cut.

Binance releases demo of planned decentralized crypto exchange
The crypto exchange is now working on the next generation for its trading platform, which is presently centralized. Binance DEX will be fully decentralized and will have a number of new features for investors, including better analytics functionality.

Asia’s wealthiest families gather to learn the business of blockchain
At an invitation-only event earlier this week, some of Asia’s richest families gathered together to learn more about the business of blockchain and how it’s transforming industries across the region – from palm oil to government infrastructure.

Crypto hedge funds are getting creative as the bear market tightens its grip
This year’s bear market is forcing crypto hedge funds to focus on operational efficiency more than ever. It’s also making them look for more creative ways to get returns, such as generalized mining and venture opportunities.

Check out these first impressions of the Casa Bitcoin Node
Casa has finally launched its plug-and-play Bitcoin Lightning Node, and this review outlines how the system works. It’s a great way to get more familiar with how nodes work, and conduct Lightning payments in the process.


  • Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Futures will launch in ‘first half’ of 2019. Link
  • Korea’s largest internet firm Kakao is running a crypto ICO that is not subject to SEC scrutiny. Link
  • Digital Currency Group announces Metaverse Ventures – A new fund dedicated to products built for Decentraland. Link
  • Binance rolls out sub-accounts amid ‘influx of institutional’ demand. Link
  • This is cool – ‘Ethereum by the Numbers’. Link
  • Morgan Creek Digital is betting $1M that crypto can beat the S&P 500. Link
  • UnitedCorp launches lawsuit against Bitmain, Roger Ver, and Kraken. Link
  • Coinsquare acquires BlockEQ to expand its cryptocurrency offerings. Link
  • These are the top 7 blockchain and cryptocurrency books to read this year. Link
  • New report finds over 50% of U.K. based blockchain companies have difficulties opening bank accounts. Link
  • UK-based global funds network Calastone to switch entire system to blockchain in May. Link
  • Two accelerators in Ohio join to pump over $100 million into blockchain startups. Link
  • Thailand’s government is using blockchain to fight tax fraud. Link
  • Fidelity, Nasdaq Ventures invest in cryptocurrency exchange ErisX. Link
  • Swiss regulator’s ‘relaxed’ fintech license covers blockchain firms. Link
  • A look at what is happening at Ethereum right now. Link
  • Hyperledger has launched a new cryptography toolbox for blockchain developers. Link
  • Coinbase has added Zcash to its retail crypto trading service. Link
  • The Aion Foundation has sold off half of its bitcoin and ether raised in an October 2017 token sale. Link
  • It was confirmed this week that Grayscale owns 1% of all bitcoins. Link
  • Crypto fund manager Bitwise has launched two new funds to address client demand. Link
  • Join the Crypto Pro Expo on Jan 29 in San Francisco. Link
  • Coinbase is hiring an Event Marketing Manager in San Francisco. Link
  • It looks like Coinbase is trying to trademark “BUIDL”. Link
  • 0x launches 0x Instant, a free and flexible way to offer simple crypto purchasing in any app or website. Link
  • We just added 29 new crypto companies, 55 new cryptocurrencies, 51 new ICOs, 2 new exchanges, and more to CryptoList. Link
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