Crypto Weekly 6th November 2018 Market News

Inside the up and down saga of crypto in China this year
Cryptocurrency in China has had a volatile year, and the rollercoaster doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The number of crypto transactions denominated in Chinese Yuan plummeted, and ICOs are now being more careful than ever about raising new funds.

SEC official says ‘plain English’ guidance on ICOs is coming
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plans to clarify when and how cryptocurrencies may be classified as securities, its director of Corporation Finance said while speaking at the D.C. Fintech Week conference yesterday.

Bitcoin is officially a decade old – here’s where it’s heading next
This past week, Bitcoin officially turned ten years old. Its original goal of creating a secure online system of payment has already been achieved, but adoption is still catching on – particularly in countries where having a bank account isn’t necessarily the norm.

Ethereum energy project Lition is now powering hundreds of households across Germany
Lition is one of a growing number of blockchain companies that have become licensed energy providers. Lition in particular has been one of the most successful so far, and its decentralized energy market now powers more than 700 homes in 12 cities across Germany.

Is Initiative Q the new Bitcoin?
With a controversial “invite only” beta that’s been likened to spam, and more than new 100K users each day. It’s not a cryptocurrency, but the platform aims to create a new financial network that will both use similar properties of Bitcoin and compete with it at the same time.

Intel CPUs are reportedly highly vulnerable to a new exploit that pilfers crypto keys
In what could be huge news for chipmakers, a new hyper threading exploit has been revealed on Intel CPUs (and it may impact AMD chips as well). The exploit allows hackers to use Intel’s multi-threading technology to surreptitiously steal users’ private keys.

These are the seven rising leaders in crypto you need to know
This is a great recap of the most underrated emerging leaders in crypto right now. The diverse lineup includes people working on everything from Ethereum-based payment platforms to simplified crypto and fiat asset management solutions.

Here’s why Bitcoin mining could be a key contributor to rising global emissions
A recent UN report has revealed that given its current adoption rate, Bitcoin mining alone could raise global temperatures by as much as 2C over the next twenty years – particularly given the massive amount of energy needed to operate large-scale mining operations.

The latest threat to crypto prices might just be the Fed’s interest rates
Several economists now believe that a series of interest rate increased by the Federal Reserve could threaten crypto prices in the short term – and it’ll introduce new complications to how crypto assets are valued.

Should Paraguay be investing its energy wealth in bitcoin mining – or fighting poverty?
A nationwide debate is raging in Paraguay over whether its hydroelectric power should be diverted to mining crypto (and gaining the profits that come with it), or using the proceeds to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Binance remains biggest crypto platform
Blockchain Transparency Institute released the global crypto exchange rankings of November, ranking Binance at the top with a 24-hour volume of $1 billion. With more than 160,000 24-hour web users, Binance easily surpassed OKEx, the second largest crypto exchange in the market

Battle of the Quants – London, November 15th
Battle of the Quants and Battle of the Cryptos are the leading Wall Street focused conferences that introduce quantitative hedge funds and crypto managers to institutional investors. The next event is on 15th November at the Royal Automobile Club in London.

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