CRYPTO WEEKLY 5th May 2018 – Market Updates


  • BTC: $7,415.10 | -$25.76 (-0.35%) since last week
  • ETH: $583.42 | +$18.78 (+3.33%) since last week
  • LTC: $117.50 | -$4.22 (-3.47%) since last week

How Bitcoin prices were impacted after futures trading was launched
After futures trading was launched for Bitcoin, the price of the cryptocurrency saw a steep decline from a high near $20k, to less than $8k today. According to at least one team of researchers, this is trend shouldn’t be entirely worrying, as the impact is reminiscent of futures markets being rolled out for nearly any other currency.Binance’s Venture Fund Head Is Waiting for ICO Bubble to Burst
Zhang said that while the bull market is positive because it attracts more users, the truly good projects will emerge once the bubble bursts. She’s not making any prediction as to when that will happen. Sales of digital tokens by so-called initial coin offerings have already surpassed the record amount raised in all of 2017, at more than $9 billion.Ethereum proxies have a little-known vulnerability that can open up Dapps to malicious attacks
In a new discovery, a team of crypto security researchers has found that Ethereum proxies have several backdoor vulnerabilities that make them vulnerability to hacking attempts. In addition, a solution (called “transparent proxies”) has already been proposed, which in theory should eliminate the vulnerability altogether.

Steve Wozniak has high hopes for Bitcoin becoming a true global currency
While being interviewed at this year’s Money 2020 conference, the Apple co-founder said that he believes Bitcoin can become a global currency – but the road towards that end may prove difficult. Wozniak himself is a prominent Bitcoin experimenter, having invested in the cryptocurrency when it was worth just $700.

Is Coinbase about to enter the acquisition “kill zone”?
Coinbase has raised record amounts of funding to date, and recent moves in the crypto industry have many believing it may be acquired sooner than later (Facebook has been rumored as a potential suitor). Coinbase has more than a few links to the social networking giant, and Facebook’s head of blockchain is one of its board members.

This is why crypto beats fiat: follow the money printing
This piece does an excellent job of explaining why cryptocurrencies are a superior solution to fiat currencies printed by a central bank. With cryptocurrencies, algorithms govern the money supply, which helps control for inflation and deflation – and the total money supply will only grow as quickly as miners are able to work.

Here’s how to monetize your computing resources on the blockchain
A growing number of startups are offering ways for consumers to monetize their own computing resources and data through blockchain technology. The main risk of doing this today as a consumer, however, is that the prices of tokens can be subject to massive fluctuations in price, making such tools a rather volatile income stream for the time being.

Government partnerships have helped Zilliqa become this year’s newest unicorn
Singapore-based Zilliqa is the world’s first high-throughput blockchain platform, and it’s a prime example of how public-private partnerships can help generate truly innovative crypto companies. The startup’s mainnet release is scheduled for later this year, and its public beta is already available for user testing.


  • Coinbase has just announced a major expansion into Japan. Link
  • Ripple has announced a $50M university blockchain research initiative. Link
  • One of Sequoia’s key partners is leaving the VC firm to start his own crypto fund. Link
  • Bittrex is launching the direct purchase of crypto using US dollars. Link
  • Take a look at this roundup of the world’s most underrated crypto teams. Link
  • Miko Matsumura has launched a new $30M blockchain investment fund. Link
  • ICO promoter John McAfee is running for President (again). Link
  • Join the Global Blockchain Summit on October 19-20 in Denver. Link
  • Kraken is hiring an Account Manager in Chicago. Link
  • The SEC Just Appointed Its First-Ever Crypto Czar. Link
  • Ticketfly Cofounder and Monero Ringmaster Start New Blockchain Project. Link
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