Crypto Weekly 4th January 2019 Market News

This week saw Bitcoin officially turn a decade old

Binance is renewing its token launch program this year
After nearly a year-long break, Binance will be reviving its token launch platform in the form of Launchpad, which will be listing a new token project every month in 2019. There is a rigorous screening process for new tokens, and the platform will focus primarily on mature projects for the time being.Proof of Keys explained – Bitcoin’s first “bank run” is finally here
A massive group of Bitcoin owners is preparing to withdraw their tokens from key exchanges in an effort to expose exchanges that are operating more like fractional-reserve banks, and which are truly trustworthy.Here’s what Litecoin achieved this year, and its plans for the future
The past year saw the adoption of Litecoin continue to skyrocket, and its network infrastructure hit some key development milestones as well. This year, the network aims to incorporate atomic swaps and new privacy features, while continuing to grow adoption.

Crypto theses on what’s in store for 2019
Crypto trader Arjun Balaji shares his thoughts on where crypto is headed in 2019, and puts forth some broad investment theses that can help inform trading decisions for novice and expert crypto traders alike in the coming year.

Why Bitcoin matters for freedom
Driven by hyperinflation and political volatility Venezuelans are turning to crypto to secure their savings and funnel capital out of the country more than ever, it what has become one of crypto’s most interesting use cases.

Bitcoin is ten years old, but the crypto era is still just beginning
Bitcoin turned a decade old this year, and it marks the first decade in human history that a decentralized source of truth has been easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Here’s the reality of using Bitcoin anonymously in 2019
Bitcoin has long been touted for its privacy-focused use cases, but there are some nuances to keep in mind when doing so. This guide explains what considerations every crypto trader should use when leveraging Bitcoin for privacy purposes, particularly in today’s security climate.

Crypto made some huge engineering advances in 2018 – here’s a roundup of all of them
This is an excellent deep dive on all of the exciting engineering breakthroughs made in crypto over the past year, from Lightning Network’s testnet launch to new forms of encryption on the Bitcoin network.

This is a great thread from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on Bitcoin’s past decade
This week saw Bitcoin officially turn a decade old, and on its anniversary, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong reflected on the progress crypto has made towards mass-market adoption to date, and how much further it has yet to go.

Jimmy Song explains Neutrino, a new privacy-based protocol
Neutrino is a new client-side protocol that’s primarily used for payment verification. It has some cutting-edge privacy features, but this privacy means that more validation is needed on the client side for every transaction.

Lenders are aiding Bitcoin’s bust by thriving off of fanatics and shorts
Creditors in the crypto industry have been seeing strong demand from borrowers who aren’t keen to sell their tokens at lower prices, and it puts lenders in a position to win on both sides by facilitating loans while enabling shorts at the same time.

Meet the virtual artists hiding crypto in their newest works
There’s a growing niche market of artists (and art collectors) who are passionate about crypto. Bitcoin art puzzles are on the rise, and they give collectors a fun way to build an art collection while earning crypto in the process.


  • We just published a list of 250 crypto companies to watch in 2019. Link
  • Mike Novogratz is increasing his stake in Galaxy Digital to 80%. Link
  • DX.Exchange will let its client purchase shares in major firms through its token platform. Link
  • Meet BlueWallet, a new Bitcoin wallet for Android. Link
  • Japan’s internet giants are shutting down their crypto mining operations en masse. Link
  • The State of New York is establishing a crypto regulatory task force. Link
  • plans to pay its corporate taxes in Bitcoin this year. Link
  • Take a look at Bitcoin’s Genesis Block, mined ten years ago this week. Link
  • Coinbase is hiring an Android Engineer in San Francisco. Link
  • Join the Japan Blockchain Conference on January 30. Link
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