Crypto Weekly 3rd November 2018 Market News

Coinbase has completed a massive $300M funding round to become an $8B company
The cryptocurrency powerhouse has just completed its Series E funding, led by Tiger Global, and plans to use the cash for its global expansion. It’s now valued at more than $8B today, and is one of the most valuable companies in crypto.

Inside the biggest ICOs of last year – where did the money go?
This piece from Forbes is an insightful post-mortem on the largest ICOs of last year. Despite the hype, many of the largest token projects are just a shadow of their former selves, and some have gone bankrupt entirely.

Crypto investors are flocking to Malta in droves
The Malta Blockchain Summit is taking place this weekend, and it’s poised to showcase the island nation as a true haven for crypto. Investors and entrepreneurs alike are increasingly setting up shop on the island on account of its open and accepting approach to crypto.

Bitfury may be about to launch Europe’s first major crypto IPO
The crypto mining startup is reportedly about to pursue what would be Europe’s first crypto IPO to date, at a valuation of $3-5B. Institutional investors are increasingly backing crypto startups, and Bitfury seems set to capitalize on that interest as well.

Here’s how emerging markets are closing the cash gap with crypto
Most emerging markets don’t yet have an established financial system, and that means an increased willingness to experiment with new financial technologies – and crypto is leveling the playing field for many in these markets, from Nairobi to Santiago.

Vitalik Buterin says Ethereum can’t succeed unless he takes a step back
At Ethereum’s developer conference, the inimitable developer explained why his creation can only be truly decentralized if it stops depending on him so much, and that he’s actively working to decrease his level of involvement in the project.

According to Morgan Stanley, crypto is a new institutional asset class
A new report from the global investment bank lays out its case for crypto as an entirely new asset class that has its own unique market dynamics, institutional participants, and a thriving product ecosystem.

A chat with Binance Labs on blockchain
This is a great read on how Binance approaches product-market fit from a crypto perspective, and how it does fundraising and investment in blockchain startups (many of which are part of Binance Labs itself).

Coinbase is set to rake in more than a billion in revenue this year
After several years of revenue hovering around $17M, Coinbase is on a record growth trajectory. Its latest numbers are showing that it’s set to earn more than a billion dollars in revenue this year, even in a massive downturn in the crypto markets.

Here’s how Saito managed to successfully launch a crypto project in the middle of a bear market
Despite a worldwide bear market in crypto for much of this year, Saito launched its project earlier in the year – and in this piece, they share some actionable tips for successfully raising funding, even when investor appetite is less than usual.

DSX – Your professional cryptocurrency exchange
From crypto to FIAT, trade with confidence on DSX – the FCA regulated London exchange. A variety of deposit and withdrawal options are available at the touch of a button.

  • A cryptocurrency millionaire wants to build a utopia in Nevada. Link
  • Somebody bought 133k bitcoins in the last 4 weeks. Link
  • ConsenSys has just acquired asteroid mining startup Planetary Resources. Link
  • Hong Kong’s securities watchdog is set to begin regulating crypto funds. Link
  • Watch Don Tapscott’s speech on blockchain, business, and more at the Nordic Business Forum. Link
  • A new Bitcoin-backed token is about to be launched on Ethereum. Link
  • Bitstamp has been acquired by NXMH, a Belgian investment group. Link
  • Coincheck has reported 66% lower revenue this quarter after its debilitating hack. Link
  • Grayscale has just released its comprehensive 2018 Q3 investment report. Link
  • Ripple has just hired a former Google exec as its VP of Products. Link
  • Binance signs up 40,000 crypto traders in its first week in Uganda. Link
  • The Hong Kong stock exchange is partnering with Digital Asset to improve the post-trade process. Link
  • Join the Empire Startups Fintech Conference in San Francisco on Nov 13. Link
  • Kraken is hiring a Crypto Research Associate in San Francisco. Link
  • We just added 39 new crypto companies, 66 new ICOs, 4 new exchnages and more to CryptoList. Link
  • Here’s a great Twitter thread on centralized apps being built on top of decentralized protocols. Link
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