CRYPTO WEEKLY 3rd July 2018


  • BTC: $6,575.75 | +$419.17 (+6.81%) since last week
  • ETH: $471.27 | +$33.36 (+7.62%) since last week
  • LTC: $86.28 | +$8.55 (+11%) since last week

With Coinbase Custody, Institutional Investors Can Now Invest Billions in Crypto
After weeks of anticipation, Coinbase has opened the doors of what it calls “Coinbase Custody” – a first of its kind platform for digital asset management and custodianship that’s targeted primarily towards banks and institutional investors.

Ripple is desperately trying to get people to think of XRP as more than an investment
Despite a massive buildup of hype around its proprietary cryptocurrency, Ripple continues to sit on more than $30B in XRP, and is struggling to get people to use it for everyday payments, instead of just long-term investments.

A decade before Bitcoin, this digital currency almost conquered the world
Beenz was a digital currency invented more than a decade ago, and its demise holds some salient lessons for the crypto industry today. After raising $86M in funding, the project went bust in a foreshadowing of things to come in crypto years later.

Here’s how token projects can gain more synergies across distributed teams
Though decentralized platforms are now quite common, decentralized organizations still have a long way to go before achieving mass-market adoption. That said, many decentralized attributes can be leveraged even in centralized organizations, leading to many benefits for all involved.

Tether is continuing to defy all trading logic on the Kraken exchange
Questions about suspicious trading activity continue to swirl around Tether, particularly after a recent Bloomberg investigation found numerous suspect trading patterns – leading some to believe the cryptocurrency is continually being manipulated by an unknown third party.

This book excerpt might’ve been written by Satoshi Nakamoto
After years of silence, a new 21-page piece of writing by the elusive creator of Bitcoin has purportedly emerged. The piece is allegedly from a new book on the beginnings of Bitcoin, and appeared on the newly-registered Nakamoto Family Foundation website.

Inside Swarm, Ethereum’s push to create a decentralized Internet
Ethereum’s Swarm client may prove instrumental in the organization’s drive to realize the vision of a decentralized internet. The distributed storage system is now in the public testnet phase, and aims to provide a decentralized store of Ethereum’s public record.

The crypto market crash is now officially approaching dot-com levels
More than 1,000 crypto projects have already seen the value of their tokens go to zero in this year alone, and more failures are expected on the horizon as the crypto market crash is now about to surpass the shocking deflation that occurred in the dotcom boom-and-bust years.

This banker is receiving credit for his contributions to crypto a century too late
This is a great read detailing the story of Frank Miller, a banker who helped develop the concept of the one-time pad, a core principle of modern cryptography that has shaped the way we think about cryptocurrencies today.

Positive developments are happening in crypto regulation this month
The past month saw the SEC declare that Ethereum is not a security, and Square became one of the first companies to receive a BitLicense in New York. Other regulatory developments are on the horizon, too, and the upcoming month should see several key announcements.


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