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According to Forbes, blockchain is transforming the way economies around the world function, particularly as it relates to privacy. The technology is strengthening privacy controls globally, and that’s a great thing for everyone.

Bitmain profits reportedly hit a record $1B in the first quarter of this year
Bitmain revealed some of its financials ahead of its upcoming IPO, and the details are staggering. The crypto mining giant brought in more than $1B in revenue in the first quarter this year, far ahead of its next largest competitor.

The privacy revolution – how blockchain is reshaping our economy
According to Forbes, blockchain is transforming the way economies around the world function, particularly as it relates to privacy. The technology is strengthening privacy controls globally, and that’s a great thing for everyone.

Check out this deep dive from TokenDaily on the 0x token project
This piece does an excellent job of explaining how 0x works, as well as its potential use cases. The protocol runs on the Ethereum platform, and is used primarily to support the decentralized trading of assets.

These are the most common crypto scams, and here’s how to avoid them
From fake ICOs to social media giveaway scams, cryptocurrency fraud is more rampant than ever. Here are the most common cryptos scams to watch out for, and how to protect yourself from falling prey to them as well.

Binance has acquired TrustWallet in its first-ever acquisition
Binance hasn’t been as aggressive in acquiring companies as other startups in the space, but it recently broke that streak by acquiring TrustWallet, one of the world’s most popular Ethereum-based crypto wallets.

Bitcoin believers are flocking to a sympathetic SEC commissioner’s Twitter account
After a crypto watchdog at the SEC dissented with the agency’s rejection of the Winklevoss brothers’ ETF, thousands of users online rallied behind her to make a third case for the ETF to be approved for listing.A

On drinking from the crypto firehose
According to VC Fred Wilson, cryptocurrency is still in the “installation phase” of the technology adoption cycle – but it won’t reach mass-market adoption until scaling and consensus mechanisms are dramatically improved.

Off the Chain investigates state channels and how they work
State Channels is a proposed scalability solution for Ethereum that allows work that would otherwise be done on the blockchain, to be done “off-chain” – which will increase system throughput and improve network performance.

Here’s how stone money in Micronesia became a precursor to blockchain technology
On a tiny island in Micronesia hundreds of years ago, the islanders of Yap invented “stone money”, a primitive precursor to blockchain that, while a low-tech solution, replicates the functionalities of the technology perfectly.

Transaction costs and tethers – here’s why Paul Krugman is a crypto skeptic
Legendary economist Paul Krugman is one of crypto’s biggest skeptics, and in this piece, he explains why. Most of Krugman’s trepidation is due to cryptocurrency’s lack of scaling ability (so far) and a lack of tethering to reality.


  • Origin Protocol has just raised $6.6M through CoinList Capital. Link
  • Coinbase has just introduced support for GBP on its crypto platform. Link
  • Singapore Airlines has released the world’s first blockchain-powered frequent flyer wallet. Link
  • Binance and Libra Credit are partnering to address liquidity issues in crypto. Link
  • Japan’s SBI Group is developing a new crypto derivatives platform following a new investment. Link
  • Vanuata has just joined the list of countries issuing official crypto licenses. Link
  • India is showing signs it may legalize crypto payments after all. Link
  • Here is August’s cryptocurrency regulation update from Phil Glazer. Link
  • Canaan has just launched the world’s first Bitcoin-mining TV set. Link
  • Join the World Blockchain Forum in London from September 3-5. Link
  • Binance is hiring a remote Data Analyst. Link
  • We just added 28 new crypto companies, 73 ICOs, 4 exchanges and 4 new crypto VCs to CryptoList. Link
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