Crypto Weekly 30th November 2018 Market News

Amazon is launching a self-service managed blockchain platform
This week Amazon launched a new service to help its clients build and deploy their own blockchain networks. Clients can build platforms with Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum, and integrate with Amazon Web Services.

Wikipedia’s co-founder is building a blockchain-based encyclopedia
One of Wikipedia’s co-founders is now working on Everipedia IQ, said to be the first encyclopedia on the blockchain. He intends to use blockchain and smart contracts as a verification method for new data added to the encyclopedia.

What do you legally “own” with Bitcoin? A short introduction to crypto-property
This is an excellent deep dive into the complexities of individual property rights as they relate to Bitcoin, as well as the diverging approaches to ownership that the United States and the UK have both taken on this matter.

Little known to investors, cryptocurrency reviews are for sale
Crypto review brokers are creating a new economy of reputation that puts every project under a new level of scrutiny. Many token projects have reportedly paid thousands of dollars in exchange for video reviews, even from reputable news sites.

Here’s how crypto can become more environmentally sustainable
It’s well-known that crypto has a sustainability problem – but that might be able to be solved through the use of more energy-efficient mining machines, and algorithms that require less computing power to solve for.

Free software messiah Richard Stallman says the world can do better than Bitcoin
In a speech earlier this week, the founder of the free software movement stated that despite the hype, Bitcoin actually has quite poor privacy protections – and a new crop of cryptocurrencies are aiming to solve for that.

Ethereum developers are quietly plotting an accelerated tech roadmap
Ethereum’s development team are meeting this week to firm up the details of a highly-anticipated updated to the platform’s technology roadmap. Several key updates that would improve scalability may be pushed forward to early next year, and other upgrades are on the way too.

Meet the new crop of companies supporting the blockchain industry
From the gold markets to the silver trading industry, numerous businesses are setting up shop to tokenize key asset classes and create new industries altogether – and here are some of the most interesting companies that are doing just that.

Billionaires, blockchain, and art are set to collide in Miami later this year
The art world hasn’t traditionally been forward-looking, but blockchain is changing all of that. This year’s Art Basel show is packed with blockchain-related events as investors and collectors alike look to use the technology to disrupt the industry.

Thefts, hacks, and surveillance: whose side is blockchain really on?
For all the talk of increased security, blockchain technology still hasn’t delivered a cryptocurrency that’s impervious to hacking. This has led to the emergence of “white hat” blockchain startups that look to protect against smart contract hacks and malicious attacks.


TRON is set to invest $100M in blockchain games over the next 3 years. Link

This is a great comparison chart of the top crypto payment processors. Link

Coinbase is adding Zcash to its Pro exchange. Link

Crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital has lost $136M over the past 9 months. Link

Digital Currency Group and Coinbase are making a $4.5M investment in Flipside Crypto. Link

Nexo is conducting its first-ever dividend payout on Dec 15. Link

Hardware wallet Ledger Nano has just announced support for Monero. Link

The US state of Ohio now accepts tax payment in Bitcoin – starting this year. Link

Oil-trading blockchain platform VAKT has just officially launched. Link

Visit the UNLOCK Blockchain forum in Dubai on Jan 15, 2019. Link

Binance is hiring a Global PR Manager in Singapore. Link

An honest explanation of price, hashrate and Bitcoin mining network dynamics. Link

An awesome initiative by Airtm to raise $1M in crypto to be airdropped to 100K Venezuelans in need. Link

Genesis Capital is hiring a Operations Analyst in New Jersey. Link

We just added 50 new crypto companies, 51 new ICOs, 2 new exchanges, and more to CryptoList. Link

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