CRYPTO WEEKLY 30th March 2018


  • BTC: $6,930.00 | -$1,679.17 (-19.5%) since last week
  • ETH: $390.41 | -$135.19 (-25.73%) since last week
  • LTC: $117.29 | +$45.97 (-28.16%) since last week


Ripple has just given away $29m to public schools through DonorsChoose
Through donation startup DonorsChoose, Ripple has donated $29m in XRP to public schools across the US, fulfilling thousands of requests from teachers on the site. The funds will be used to purchase educational materials for over 28,000 teachers around the country. This piece of philanthropy is a major foray into the space for Ripple, and it likely won’t be the last.

Initialized Capital is placing a big bet on the inherent security of blockchain
Showing its commitment to blockchain investments, Initialized Capital (which is partially led by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian) has recently closed a $2.1m investment in DDEX, a secure, decentralized crypto trading platform. The firm is looking to place additional bets on startups with an emphasis on blockchain security.

Why the world’s “most private cryptocurrency” may not be as secure as you think
Monero has long been heralded as the most private cryptocurrency available today, but some security researchers believe that may be a misnomer. Despite numerous patches, a number of privacy flaws in Monero’s code still exist, and many of them render individual usage of the cryptocurrency easily traceable and de-anonymized.

Energy-saving Bitcoin rival Chia has raised new funding from A16Z and is planning a mini-IPO
The startup, led by Bram Cohen, has landed more than $3m in additional funding from A16Z and others after presenting demos of its new cryptocurrency that promises to be more efficient than Bitcoin. Chia requires far less energy to mine than other cryptocurrencies, and the firm is also opting out of the traditional ICO route – instead, it plans to run a “mini IPO” later this year.

Here’s a full recap of the six Lapps launched by Blockstream this week
This deep dive on the new Lapps launched by Blockstream this past week does a great job of highlighting the potential of the Lightning Network, and why it’s so critical to the evolution of cryptocurrencies. Numerous applications can be built on the network and run at scale, and these layers give the platform additional functionality that can be used across multiple cryptocurrencies.

Telegram has raised another $850m for its ICO, making it the largest ever
The encrypted messaging service has raised an additional $850m for its upcoming ICO, meaning it’s raised $1.7b so far – making it the largest ICO in crypto history by far. The Dubai-based startup is reportedly planning to raise even more, however, and is targeting a third funding round of $850m in the coming months.

Bitcoin’s popularity in Africa is continuing to soar
Recent market developments in Africa are a prime example of why Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) hold so much promise for the future. In many countries, Bitcoin isn’t seen as an investment vehicle, but as a true payment method – in fact, vast numbers of users in some countries (like Nigeria) are signing up simply to bypass their country’s antiquated banking laws.

This blockchain group is preparing to sue social media giants for banning crypto ads
The Eurasian Association of Blockchain is set to sue social media giants Facebook, Google, Yandex, and Twitter for banning crypto-related ads on their platforms. The lawsuit will be funded by the association and is set to be filed in the United States, where a number of states have softened their regulatory stances on crypto in recent months.

South Korea’s largest conglomerates are rapidly growing their involvement in crypto
Despite tough regulation on crypto in the South Korean market, the country’s largest companies are moving into crypto and making significant investments in the space. Gaming conglomerate NHN is set to make a multi-million dollar investment in OKCoin as well, as it gears up to launch OKCoin Korea, which will be partnering with OKEx, the third largest crypto exchange globally.

Last year, Chinese startups filed more than half of the world’s blockchain patent applications
The recent wave of blockchain innovation that surged forward last year was driven primarily by Chinese crypto startups, a recent analysis has found. Out of over 400 blockchain-related patent applications filed globally last year, more than half were filed by Chinese firms – a fact that underscores the country’s commitment to the technology, despite recent crackdowns on crypto.

  • BlockCity will be running from Mar 30 to April 1 in Taipei. Link
  • This charity is helping refugees with a new $1m donation from Ethereum’s founder. Link
  • IBM has developed a platform for state cryptocurrencies. Link
  • ACINQ has launched its first version of Lightning Eclair on mainnet. Link
  • Bitfinex is mulling over moving its headquarters to Switzerland. Link
  • Ripple has just joined the Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium. Link
  • MailChimp has just launched a major crackdown on ICO-related emails. Link
  • SelfKey is now testing its Identity Wallet Alpha within its user community. Link
  • Ford patents a new crypto for car to car communication. Link
  • Thailand to impose a 15% tax on transactions involving cryptocurrencies. Link
  • Bitfinex announces addition of new fiat pairs. Link


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