CRYPTO WEEKLY 29th June 2018 – News Update’s

LINE is launching its first crypto exchange in Singapore next month, meet the people leading the blockchain revolution

  • BTC: $5,869.00 | -$130.59 (-2.33%) since last week
  • ETH: $410.33 | -$46.64 (-10.16%) since last week
  • LTC: $75.04 | -$9.72 (-11.46%) since last week

LINE is launching its first crypto exchange in Singapore next month
After months of speculation, the Japanese chat giant has announced that it will be opening its first crypto exchange in Singapore in July. The exchange will support around 30 coins, but will not allow trading by Japanese or US crypto traders at launch.Facebook has officially reversed its ban on cryptocurrency ads
Effective immediately, Facebook is reversing its much-maligned ban on crypto ads. The company is now allowing cryptocurrency-related ads, but it’s now instituted a stricter vetting process for ads to filter out unwanted actors.

Meet the people leading the blockchain revolution
This rundown from the New York Times is an excellent profile of the biggest movers and shakers in the blockchain industry right now. From Binance’s Jihan Wu to Clovyr’s Amber Baldet, these are the innovators in crypto you need to know.

Bitmain’s mining pools now control more than half of Bitcoin’s hash rate
Some analysts are raising concerns around the disproportionate mining power that Bitmain has amassed in recent years. It now controls more than half of Bitcoin’s hash rate, leading some to even sound the alarm about a possible 51% attack taking place in the future.

Here are the likely winners of the “World Cup of blockchain”
With the World Cup already underway, here’s a current look at which cities and regions are leading the way in blockchain innovation. In recent months, New York City has risen to become a key hub for crypto startups, while other stalwarts like Zug and Malta remain key players as well.

The crypto industry is getting frustrated by its inconsistent regulation
The current state of crypto regulation is that of complete disorganization, and crypto startups are getting stymied by this lack of consistency. That said, efforts are underway to standardize crypto legislation in some countries.

The crypto coin graveyard is filling up as more ICOs continue to flame out
Recent research from Bloomberg has found that up to 90% of ICOs executed in the past year have turned out to be frauds, or have gone bankrupt. The trend is due to a lack of roadmap execution in conjunction with a global regulatory crackdown on token projects.

In a world first, Binance is launching the first major crypto exchange in Africa
Binance is about to make history as the first major crypto startup to establish an on-the-ground presence in Africa. Its crypto-fiat exchange is set to launch in Uganda in the coming weeks and will support fiat-crypto trading between the Ugandan shilling and other cryptocurrencies.

Find out how crypto can continue to transform the wealth of the commons
Like the railroads of the 1800s, crypto seems set to have a similar impact on the “wealth of the commons” by creating a massive amount of abundance for investors – but it can be difficult to scale, and abuse often runs rampant.

China is making big plans to launch a federally-regulated “crypto yuan”
China has reportedly already filed 40+ crypto-related patents and is pushing forward with plans to create a “crypto yuan” – a move that could have a significant impact on both mining and investing within the country.


  • Coinbase has just launched charity fund called GiveCrypto. Link
  • Meet Casa, the startup building the next generation of private key security. Link
  • Coinbase is set to add support for British pounds in the coming weeks. Link
  • Kik has launched its Kin token integration to further build its crypto economy. Link
  • Malta has approved several new key blockchain-related bills in a recent hearing. Link
  • Peter Thiel’s fellowship has awarded 4 blockchain startups $100K in funding. Link
  • Blockchain launched Blockchain Institutional Strategies, its first major institutional product. Link
  • Tether has confirmed a new double-spending vulnerability, and many exchanges may be at risk. Link
  • Blockstream is hiring a Marketing and Communications Director in Victoria, Canada. Link
  • Join the Blockchain Visionnaire Summit on July 23 in Berlin. Link
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