CRYPTO WEEKLY 27th April 2018



  • BTC: $9,180.01 | +$673.56 (+7.92%) since last week
  • ETH: $653.01 | +$67.18 (+11.22%) since last week
  • LTC: $150.16 | +$0.19 (+0.13%) since last week


The 17 millionth Bitcoin has just been mined – here’s why that matters
Now that the 17 millionth Bitcoin has officially been mined, many investors believe a psychological barrier has been crossed which will increase the perception of scarcity in the near-term – which by extension, could have a positive impact on the price of the cryptocurrency. The total supply of Bitcoin is 21m, meaning that 80% of the cryptocurrency’s total supply has now been mined.

Binance’s CEO has been sued by Sequoia after a significant funding deal went awry
After negotiations over a potential deal with Sequoia went south, Binance’s CEO has found himself being sued by the storied VC firm after allegedly violating its exclusivity deal with the firm to speak with other venture firms that he hoped would help it secure operating licenses in a number of countries.  For its part, Binance has denied any breach of the agreement with Sequoia, and refuted all allegations in the lawsuit as invalid.

These 11 questions will help you determine if blockchain is right for your business
Blockchain is certainly the buzzword of the moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s a panacea for every business. This thoughtful piece from the World Economic Forum introduces the key considerations to keep in mind when deciding to implement blockchain in one’s business, and why it isn’t necessarily the right fit for every company.

Here’s why quantum computers pose an imminent threat to Bitcoin’s security
A recent study has found that quantum computers could pose an existential threat to Bitcoin’s security architecture in less than a decade, leading some to wonder how long the secure payment platform will actually remain that way. Cryptographic protocols like those in Bitcoin are hackable by some quantum computers today, and such security threats could become commonplace in the years to come.

Ethereum’s top developers see the platform inevitably splitting in the near future
After months of infighting, many of Ethereum’s most prominent developers now believe that a permanent split of its blockchain may be inevitable. A controversial code change proposal has proved so contentious that some members of the community may split to create their own codebase, which would involve a hard fork of the platform.

Changelly and Binance have announced a landmark partnership to bring users more trading options
Two of the world’s leading crypto exchanges have just partnered to bring more trading options to customers than ever before. After a meeting between CEOs of both companies in Malta, the two firms agreed to a partnership that will see Changelly acting as a broker between users and Binance, with Binance offering Changelly users more options for trading pairs.

Nasdaq is open to becoming cryptocurrency exchange, CEO says
In a dramatic reversal from previous statements, Nasdaq’s CEO has gone on the record as saying that the stock exchange is open to becoming a platform for crypto trading in the future. The key roadblock to this happening today is regulatory uncertainty, but as that begins to get smoothed out, the exchange will begin to take a closer look at getting involved in crypto.

How is crypto investing different from VC investing?
In this piece, one prominent VC investor posits that crypto investing is quite similar to VC investing, with a few key considerations. Would-be investors should be diligent about vetting a team’s qualifications and experience before investing, while also thinking about how to exit from a token portfolio in the future.

Parity Technologies reiterates its commitment to Ethereum amid rumors of a hard fork
After spearheading a movement that has some in the Ethereum community on edge over a potential hard fork, the team at Parity Technologies walked back some of its earlier statements – saying that they have no intention to permanently split the Ethereum chain, and aim to work with the community on a viable path forward.

This is your ultimate guide to understand sharding on Ethereum
This deep-dive guide to sharding on Ethereum does a great job of explaining why the process is critical to efficiently scaling the platform, and how it works from a technical perspective. In addition, the report covers the key security models that sharding operates under, and how hacking attempts on the process can be thwarted.


  • The SEC has begun sending subpoenas in an expanded ICO crackdown.
  • Malta’s cabinet approves 3 new cryptocurrency bills. Link
  • Andreesen Horowitz to launch its own dedicated crypto fund. Link
  • Binance surpasses Germany’s biggest bank in profitability. Link
  • CoinList has just launched Airdrops. Link
  • MobileCoin has just raised $30M to fuel growth. Link
  • Moonlight raises $1M from NEO Global Capital. Link
  • Messaging giant LINE is set to support Dapps on its own blockchain. Link
  • MyEtherWallet warns users a couple of its servers have been hacked. Link
  • The Z Cash Foundation has launched its latest grant program. Link
  • Poloniex is hiring an Interaction Designer in Boston, MA. Link
  • Block Show Europe is taking place in Berlin from May 28-29. Link
  • Last but not least, are we decentralized yet? Link
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