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It’s no secret that crypto mining isn’t exactly energy-efficient, but one group of Icelandic farmers may have a solution.

Coinbase and Circle have launched USDC, the digital dollar
In a partnership, Coinbase and Circle are launching USDC, a stable coin that’s fully collateralized by US dollars. The technology was developed jointly by both companies as part of the CENTRE Consortium, which seeks to connect every person and every currency in the world.Airdropping into the future of decentralized networks
As decentralized exchanges grow in both number and importance, airdrops provide the network effect that helps them keep on growing. Decentralized exchanges require decentralized network effects in order to keep growing, and airdrops do just that.

What’s really driving the cryptocurrency phenomenon?
This investment thesis from Iterative Capital lays out how historical context laid the groundwork for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and how a combination of human consensus and technological innovation helps build the crypto ecosystem.

Binance partners with Vertex Ventures to launch fiat-to-crypto exchange in Singapore
This week, Binance announced that it had landed an undisclosed investment from Vertex Ventures to help it set up an exchange in Singapore. The move signifies how important it is to find supportive institutional partners, particularly when looking to set up a fiat exchange.

The very institutions crypto meant to disrupt are all in – what does it mean?
Cryptocurrency was originally designed as a way to subvert banks and governments alike, but those same institutions are now investing huge amounts of capital in the technology. In the end, this may lead to a smaller group of true anti-establishment crypto startups competing against institutional players.

Crypto’s next bull run might finally be here
Some analysts believe that the next bull run for the crypto markets may be coming as early as next month. This is due to a number of innovations rolling out next month, as well as the presence of noticeable historical cycles in the crypto markets.

Revolution, anarchy, and Bitcoin are running rampant in Ukraine
In a country wracked by successive bouts of unrest, Ukrainians are increasingly turning to Bitcoin as a way to transfer their capital out of the country while keeping it safe from an often authoritarian government.

Multicoin Capital on the evolving role of crypto investors
This is a great piece on how the role of crypto investors is transforming from simply providing capital, to working hands-on with founders to find better ways to bootstrap the development of their own networks.

Iceland’s farmers have an ingenious plan to solve crypto’s energy crisis
It’s no secret that crypto mining isn’t exactly energy-efficient, but one group of Icelandic farmers may have a solution. They’re proposing to eliminate heat and excess energy by making it available to others, instead of letting it go to waste.

Ethereum scalability might have a near-term solution in Q1 2019
The next generation of Ethereum innovations are years off on the horizon, but there might be a short-term solution available as early as next year. Called Mosaic, the system promises to allow computation across multiple blockchain networks in parallel.

CryptoTracker uses a combination of machine learning technology and human oversight to curate the most relevant, real-time news for the top 20 cryptocurrencies (all major coins will be added in the near future).

CryptoTracker’s CTO, Ian Borders, shares: “We have a fairly aggressive development timeline, and we’ll be rolling out new features and updates nearly every day through the end of the year, including real-time market alerts, the ability to search and curate your own coin list, and deep-dive into the historical data, graphs, and news for any coin, just to name a few”.


  • Interesting interview with Gemini Dollar core developer on why they are putting US Dollars on the Blockchain. Link
  • A new stablecoin tied to the Australian Dollar is launching on Stellar’s blockchain. Link
  • dYdX has just raised $10M in Series A funding to continue building its cryptoasset trading platform. Link
  • Search engine DuckDuckGo now broadcasts blockchain information using Biteasy’s data API. Link
  • Monaco’s MCO Visa cards begun shipping in Singapore this week. Link
  • Binance’s exchange in Uganda is now open for business. Link
  • Dash CEO Ryan Taylor: central bank-issued cryptocurrencies are the ‘inevitable future’. Link
  • This MIT professor’s new blockchain protocol just netted $62M in funding. Link
  • Square is set to open-source its Bitcoin cold storage solution. Link
  • HTC has officially put its first blockchain phone on sale for 0.15 Bitcoin. Link
  • Sony unveils ‘Multiple Application’ contactless cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Link
  • A new investigation has revealed just how many news outlets are getting paid to cover token projects. Link
  • Join Token Forum on November 9 in Seattle. Link
  • We just added 64 new crypto companies, 24 crypto media outlets, 13 new ICOs and more to CryptoList.
  • Here’s an amazing collection of charts for cryptocurrency investors. Link
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