Crypto Weekly 24th April 2019 Market News

Iceland has long been popular for crypto mining due to its abundant (and cheap) hydropower, but environmentalists are increasingly concerned over crypto mining’s impact on the land itself

Binance is leveraging its influence to launch its own blockchain
Last week, Binance unveiled plans to move its BNB coin off of Ethereum and onto its own protocol blockchain, dubbed Binance Chain. Binance has already signed a number of token projects onto the new blockchain, and despite Binance CEO CZ saying otherwise, some are already heralding the platform as a long-term competitor of Ethereum. The new blockchain will act as a new way to launch digital tokens, and it’s said to be far easier to use than other ICO platforms as well.

EY unveils Nightfall, an ambitious bid to bring businesses onto the blockchain
One of the world’s largest professional services firms has just released a new type of enterprise blockchain software that runs on the public Ethereum network. The software, which will be placed in the public domain, is aimed at helping businesses launch their own enterprise blockchain initiatives. Early partners like Carrefour, Merck, and Microsoft are already onboard and using the platform, which will see its public release next month.

An insider’s look at eToro’s crypto exchange for professional traders
After months of anticipation, last week eToro officially launched its mainnet crypto exchange, which is fully regulated and offers dozens of crypto-to-fiat trading pairs using eToro’s own stablecoin. The exchange also plans to roll out a STO platform later this year, but likely will not be going the decentralized exchange route for the time being.

Here’s how blockchain is going to work at some of the world’s biggest enterprises
After years of development, enterprise blockchain applications are finally being adopted en masse by companies like Walmart, Foxconn, Amazon, and others. The technology is increasingly being accepted as a great way to improve business processes and transparency in tandem, and many businesses are taking an open-source approach to implementing it as well.

Binance and others have delisted BitcoinSV – what’s next?
Weeks of controversy swirling around BitcoinSV culminated in several major exchanges (like Binance, Kraken, and others) delisting the cryptocurrency. Within days, the cryptocurrency had dropped 20% in value, and other exchanges have said that they’re considering delisting it as well. Beyond just the delisting, BitcoinSV is also facing other challenges, like its three “blockchain re-orgs” that have happened just in the past six months and are negatively impacting transaction speeds.

JPMorgan is set to significantly expand its use of blockchain
JPMorgan is reportedly looking to build out more capabilities for its blockchain-based Interbank Information Network (IIN), which has been live for nearly two years now. The bank is building a new settlement system that will run on the same blockchain network and allow customers to perform near-instant domestic and international payments.

Big corporates are backing crypto’s “plumbing” despite currency concerns
Beyond just VCs, some of the world’s largest corporations are increasingly investing in crypto startups, while steering clear of dabbling in crypto themselves – for now. Corporations invested a record $2.4B in crypto startups last year, primarily as a technological hedge against future innovations they might be able to leverage.

Iceland is a Bitcoin miner’s haven, but not everyone is happy
Iceland has long been popular for crypto mining due to its abundant (and cheap) hydropower, but environmentalists are increasingly concerned over crypto mining’s impact on the land itself. While the energy itself is sustainably sourced, crypto mining has been polluting Iceland’s environment, and putting undue pressure on its electrical grid as well.


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