Crypto Weekly 23rd November 2018 Market News

How blockchain startups can learn from eBay, the original digital cross border payments company
This is a great piece outlining the many parallels between the early days of eBay and Ripple. Both were systems that facilitated cross-border payments, but there were some tough lessons learned along the way that are equally applicable today.Here are 5 reasons cryptocurrency prices have been plunging recently
This piece from the New York Times outlines how regulation, community infighting, and hard forks have all conspired to cause widespread chaos in the international crypto markets.

The real truth about the crypto crisis
While it’s been a challenging year for crypto, it’s still been a great one for the industries servicing it. In order to understand what’s happening, it’s important to understand investor psychology first and foremost.

ICOs aren’t liquidating their ETH treasuries just yet – here’s why
Despite a decrease in the markets, the total selloff in ETH hasn’t been as large as many anticipated, primarily due to many startups anticipating further action by the SEC on the regulatory front, and effectively pricing in an anticipated sell-off

On crypto’s present and future, with Naval Ravikant and Balaji Srinivasan
This is an excellent podcast interview with two gurus of the blockchain space. Naval and Balaji discuss everything from how crypto is scaling as a method of payment, to some excellent descriptions of what a blockchain actually is.

Forget ICOs, continuous fundraising is the future for blockchain startups
While last year was the year of the ICO, times have changed. Continuous fundraising now seems to be the future of funding for blockchain startups, as it’s a funding method that helps founders overcome the downsides of traditional organizations.

Here’s how blockchain and smart contracts can finally have a real-world impact
In a first, one startup (Chainlink) has created a blockchain protocol that can dynamically respond to world events and execute tasks using Oracles, real-time data feeds that interact with the blockchain.

It’s not too late to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – here’s why

Despite a steep decline in the crypto markets in recent months, there’s perhaps been no better time to invest in the space. The market as a whole still has a lot of room for growth given institutional money still hasn’t been priced in, and technological innovation is still on the rise.

Here’s a super simple guide to everything you need to know about Tezos
This is a great overview of Tezos, a decentralized blockchain governance platform that is censorship-free and runs of Proof of Stake (unlike most blockchain projects, which leverage mining and proof of work).

Learn how to fund your crypto project the right way
There are a number of creative ways to fund one’s crypto project, but not all of them are advisable. This piece breaks down the pros and cons of each, and proposes community funds as one attractive (and low-risk) way to raise funding quickly.


  • Black Friday special: Access 50% off CryptoList using promo code FRIDAY. Link
  • Binance is investing $3M in setting up a US-based crypto trading desk. Link
  • Telegram’s $1.7B ICO is reportedly 70% complete. Link
  • Singapore stock exchange clarifies rules for listed firms issuing ICOs. Link
  • BlockMarkets has just launched an institutional crypto data feed. Link
  • Norway is scrapping its crypto mining subsidy program for good. Link
  • Contrary to popular belief, blockchain VC investment actually increased this year. Link
  • Coinbase has been faced with a new BCH insider trading lawsuit. Link
  • One founder just committed crypto-treason and embezzled priceless pearls. Link
  • Ripple is rumored to be working on an official partnership for cross-border payments with Bank of America. Link
  • Coinbase’s Chief Policy Officer is leaving the company to head to Andreessen Horowitz. Link
  • Binance has just announced two new partners to help it meet AML/KYC regulations. Link
  • Coinbase is hiring a Recruiter in San Francisco. Link
  • Join the Crypto Pro Expo from January 29-30, 2019 in San Francisco. Link
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