Crypto Weekly 21st December 2018 Market News

Facebook is reportedly developing a stablecoin for WhatsApp
The social networking giant is reportedly leveraging its new blockchain team for the creation of a new stablecoin that would be used for native payment transfers via WhatsApp.

behind the scenes look at the biggest crypto transfer on record
Coinbase recently moved 5% of all BTC in existence, 8% of ETH, and 25% of all LTC to its newest cold storage solution in the largest crypto transfer on record. Here’s how they did it.

Crypto miners are fighting for survival as market turmoil continues
As crypto’s bear market extends through the end of the year, many crypto miners are close to going out of business – and even Bitmain, the world’s largest mining operation, is allegedly on the verge of bankruptcy.

The current state of Venture Capital funding in the blockchain space
Even against market headwinds, total VC investments in crypto projects topped more than $4B this year. ICOs still hasn’t supplanted VC funding as the preeminent funding mechanism, and many VCs are actually directly investing in tokens themselves.

Ethereum reaches 50 million unique addresses, but active addresses have dropped nearly 70% from its peak
Last week, the total number of Ethereum addresses passed 50M for the first time. That said, the number of active addresses (and transactions) have dropped more than 68% since the start of the year.

Here’s how America could lead the transition to a digital reserve currency
As China and Russia begin to unveil their cryptocurrency ambitions, some economists are calling on the US to accelerate R&D in the space, and create a digital reserve currency to block attempts to replace the dollar in the global financial system.

Intersecting space and blockchain: the Blockstream Satellite story
This is an amazing technical recap of how one crypto entrepreneur got the Blockstream Satellite (which receives data from Blockstream’s 5 satellites presently orbiting earth) up and running from his own home.

A great presentation from Linda Xie: Beyond Cryptocurrencies
This is an excellent presentation from Linda Xie (managing director of Scalar Capital) on the future applications of crypto, from decentralized prediction markets to sovereign identity platforms.

Binance Labs launches 8 blockchain projects to solve the industry’s biggest challenges
In another first for the company, Binance has just set up a 10-week incubator program, which will help eight blockchain startups continue building their platforms and define their product-market fit.

Inside China’s plan to sideline Bitcoin
Backed by patent filings for crypto technologies by state-backed banks and financial institutions, multiple analysts have indicated that the Chinese government is now preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency.

Institutional crypto and a new generation of Wall Street leaders
This year saw traditional financial institutions take the first few steps toward truly adopting crypto, and it all started with the digitization of brick-and-mortar exchanges themselves.


  • DDEX is forking the 0x protocol to remove the ZRX token. Link
  • Coinbase customers in the U.S. can now make withdrawals into their PayPal accounts. Link
  • The Lightning Network’s first ERC-20 to Bitcoin atomic swap has taken place. Link
  • Status.IM has laid off 25 staffers and asked remaining employees to take a pay cut. Link
  • Coinbase Earn helps newbies earn crypto while they learn about it. Link
  • Blockchain developer role tops LinkedIn’s 2018 emerging jobs list. Link
  • ConsenSys’s Andrew Keys talks about the company’s recent pivot. Link
  • Meet Tagomi, the world’s first crypto prime brokerage service – backed by Peter Thiel. Link
  • Bitcoin from space: Blockstream CSO explains its satellite services. Link
  • The second largest exchange OKEx launches a new crypto derivative product. Link
  • Ripple looks back at what they accomplished in 2018. Link
  • TokenSoft announces a partnership with Coinbase to offer custody solutions. Link
  • Vitalik Buterin donates $300K to crypto startups in a bid to push Ethereum 2.0 development. Link
  • Circle just published a great report on decentralized exchanges (DEX). Link
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