Crypto Weekly 20th November 2018 Market News

KPMG’s first official report on crypto-assets is a must-read
In the 42-page report, the accounting giant has concluded that crypto-assets are now impossible for the financial services industry to ignore, but that key challenges to institutionalization (such as regulatory compliance and custody) still remain.

Here’s why crypto fund managers are going to be in trouble next year
After a year of massive net decreases for most crypto funds, it seems likely that many will be forced to shut down next year due to not meeting the key high water marks required for receiving performance fees.

The Bitcoin Cash battle is costing billions – with no end in sight
After an enormous clash erupted last week over the future of Bitcoin Cash, investors are feeling the hurt. With more than $3B wiped off BCH’s market cap in the past week alone, analysts are warning both sides to reconcile and avoid running up more losses due to excessive computing costs.

Meet these seven big tech staffers that went full crypto (and love it)
This is a great profile of several individuals who pivoted their careers at some of the biggest tech companies into the crypto space – and have experienced exponential learning and career growth as a result.

Europe’s central bank has dubbed Bitcoin ‘the evil spawn of the financial crisis’
In its strongest statement yet on crypto the European Central Bank announced in a speech last week that it’s taking an anti-Bitcoin stance for the time being, declaring the cryptocurrency to be the undesirable byproduct of the 2008 financial crisis.

Forget robots – blockchain technology might be taking over our jobs first
The combination of automation and smart contracts is a powerful one, and many researchers that emerging technologies that leverage blockchain (such as HUMAN Protocol) could even replace white-collar jobs in the near future.

Here’s why stablecoins are the crypto sector’s next big bet
Stablecoins combine the low volatility of fiat currencies with many of the security advantages of digital currencies, making them an attractive option for those looking to conduct international payments or have more predictable investment returns.

Check out this efficient algorithm to exploit arbitrage opportunities in crypto
This report from CoinFabrik outlines how mathematical algorithms can be implemented to identify (and capitalize on) arbitrage opportunities in the crypto markets, in a technique called “statistical arbitrage”.

Here’s how to find the best token for doing international money transfers
For all the development that’s taken place on Bitcoin over the past decade, it still isn’t ideal for transferring money abroad. This fascinating guide outlines which token is best to use, given the purpose of one’s international transfers.


  • The world’s first crypto ETP just got green-lighted in Switzerland. Link
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges in the world now has a Communist Party branch in China. Link
  • Here’s how Sweetgreen is using blockchain to improve its supply chain. Link
  • Blockchain gaming startup Blockade Games is now valued at $13M after its latest funding round. Link
  • Join Beyond Blocks in Bangkok next week. Use promo code ‘CryptoWeekly30’ to access 30% off. Link
  • Nvidia’s Q3 results reveal a “crypto hangover” from slowing miner sales. Link
  • Non-genuine Trezor One devices spotted. Here’s how to spot a fake one. Link
  • Mining startup Bitfarms has just filed for an IPO in Canada. Link
  • Coinbase is adding support for Ripple’s XRP to its custodial services. Link
  • IBM and Columbia University have just launched a blockchain accelerator program. Link
  • Circle is hiring a Data Analyst in San Francisco. Link
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