Crypto Weekly 19th October 2018 Market News

  • BTC: $6,385.00 | +$172.58 (+2.78%) since last week
  • ETH: $200.98 | +$5.36 (+2.74%) since last week
  • LTC: $52.26 | -$0.68 (-1.28%) since last week

The SEC is setting up a new division to talk to ICO startups
The SEC is launching FinHub, a new division dedicated to helping crypto startups navigate the regulations around ICOs, as well as their legal ramifications. The new division will be staffed with fintech experts from other lines of government and will be working with institutional investors on other market issues as well.Here’s how regulation helped make Japan the world’s leading digital asset market
It’s no secret that Japan is one of the most prominent hubs for crypto innovation globally – but what’s less apparent is how it got there. The country become a major player in crypto primarily by drafting regulation that actually encourages innovation and legitimacy in the industry.

Korea’s largest bitcoin exchange has just been sold in a massive $350M deal
In one of the largest such deals so far this year, Bithumb announced that it had sold a significant stake in ownership and equity to a Singapore-based blockchain consortium for more than $350M in cash.

Wall Street giant Fidelity is launching an institutional brokerage and custody business for crypto
Fidelity has long been a major player on Wall Street, but now it’s getting into crypto in a big way. The company announced this week that it would be launching a new custodial business for crypto funds early next year – and a few clients have already signed on.

Venezuela’s new cryptocurrency, the Petro, doesn’t seem to actually exist
The crypto community was abuzz this year on reports that Venezuela would be launching a state-sanctioned cryptocurrency – but months after its official launch, it seems there’s little evidence to indicate the cryptocurrency is even functioning yet.

At least one researcher thinks Bitcoin is on the brink of an implosion
A growing number of researchers are cautioning about a coming downturn in the crypto markets, driven primarily by inflated token valuations and an overall decline in daily transaction volume across a number of exchanges.

China’s domination of Bitcoin is pushing the US government towards Ripple
China-based Bitmain now controls a massive portion of the world’s Bitcoin hashrate, and it has the US government concerned. The White House is reportedly looking into ways to leverage Ripple as a challenger to China’s Bitcoin dominance.

The inside story of Augur, the blockchain-powered prediction market
For the very first time, Augur made it possible for thousands of users to place bets on the prediction of anything. The development of the platform wouldn’t have been possible without blockchain, and yet, solving the central pain point of the platform proved elusive.

Here’s why the robot economy will run on blockchain
As robots begin to run more and more of our businesses, it seems inevitable that they’ll need to conduct transactions between one another as well. Many are pointing to blockchain as the technology best-suited to facilitate this future economy, which could operate autonomously and without human intervention.

Why isn’t Bitcoin banned everywhere already?
Logic says that government should’ve banned crypto long ago. So why hasn’t it been outlawed yet? It’s likely due to a combination of eagerness for innovation and a lack of foresight that ignores crypto’s decentralized qualities.


  • Mike Novogratz’s crypto fund has become Fidelity’s first custodian client. Link
  • Coinbase now lets you buy and sell ZRX. Link
  • The Ethereum Foundation has just unveiled its latest round of startup grants. Link
  • Crypto exchange OKEx has listed 4 new stablecoins this week. Link
  • Meet TravelByBit, the tool that lets you find where to pay with crypto around the world. Link
  • A great reader Q&A podcast episode with crypto expert Laura Shin. Link
  • Arcade City is becoming the blockchain-powered “Uber for everything”. Link
  • Crypto-related M&A deals have surged by more than 200% over the past year. Link
  • Goldman Sachs is placing a $15M bet on BitGo. Link
  • Blockchain has just rolled out a new program for airdrops. Link
  • Gates Foundation partners with former Ripple CTO’s Blockchain project. Link
  • Introducing App Mining, a program that helps developers build apps on Blockstack. Link
  • JPMorgan is hiring a Blockchain Engineer in New Jersey. Link
  • Join The ICO Summit in Zurich on February 14, 2019. Link
  • We just added 74 new crypto companies, 2 crypto exchanges, 27 new ICOs and more to CryptoList. Link
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