Crypto Weekly 14th December 2018 Market News

Despite bearishness in the crypto markets this year, the job market in the space continues to expand. Blockchain jobs are on the rise, and average salaries in the industry continue to grow at a record rate


Next-Gen BUIDLers: meet the eight teams working on Ethereum 2.0
In this piece, CoinDesk looks at the eight teams across the globe that are spearheading the push to create Ethereum 2.0 – the next iteration of the widely-used blockchain network.Mike Novogratz explains why he’s still all-in on crypto
The legendary investor remains Wall Street’s biggest crypto bull, and for good reason. In this interview, Novogratz opens up on why he’s still all-in on the platform, and how he plans to pivot his investment strategy moving forward.How did Twitter CEO’s Square overtake Coinbase as #1 bitcoin buying app?
Square is now the most widely-used app for buying Bitcoin, and it’s now more popular than Coinbase on this front. The app got there by looking at Bitcoin not as a potential revenue stream, but as a utility.

The blockchain labor market is still growing – here’s what’s in demand
Despite bearishness in the crypto markets this year, the job market in the space continues to expand. Blockchain jobs are on the rise, and average salaries in the industry continue to grow at a record rate.

In another first, XYO is sending its blockchain network into space
XYO’s blockchain network just might become the first to operate in space. The startup plans to send a fleet of blockchain-powered satellites into space next year, which crypto investors can also purchase stakes in.

This is a great thread from Vitalik on the non-monetary applications of blockchain technology
Despite the focus placed on cryptocurrencies as the main application for blockchain, there’s more to the technology than just payments – and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin believes the non-monetary applications of blockchain could end up eclipsing cryptocurrencies in importance in the long run.

Block 7,080,000: Ethereum devs have proposed an activation point for the next hard fork
Members of ethereum’s open-source development team have reached an agreement on an activation time for Constantinople, a proposed code change designed to give users the option to update the blockchain with additional features and functionality.

Crypto hedge fund warns of possible ICO refunds after SEC decision
Pantera Capital Management said about 25 percent of the blockchain and digital-currency projects that its ICO fund invested in could be found in violation of U.S. securities laws and may have to refund money to their backers.

A Ripple executive made a concerning warning this week over crypto’s adoption
In a recent interview, one of Ripple’s top executives warned that before crypto can truly achieve mass adoption, existing technology (including Ripple’s own network) need to be dramatically improved.

An overview of Bitcoin transaction types and methods of laundering
This deep dive covers the nuances of the numerous types of Bitcoin transactions and outlines how some of these methods can actually be used to conduct money laundering.

The Ethereum price drop: a fundamental analysis
Even in a bear market, this year’s decline in the price of Ethereum caught many off guard. But by referencing market fundamentals (such as faltering ICOs), the reason for the cryptocurrency’s performance to date is clear.


  • Gemini launches a mobile app to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Link
  • Samsung is set to launch a cold wallet app for cryptocurrencies. Link
  • TenX has finally announced the first airdrop for its crypto debit card. Link
  • Facebook Blockchain ramps up hiring, states ‘ultimate goal is to help billions of people’. Link
  • The SEC has fined a crypto fund $50K and issued a Cease-and-Desist. Link
  • Gemini is set to list Bitcoin Cash with the NYDFS’s approval. Link
  • A warning for all – a crypto investor on Reddit details how he lost a $170k wallet. Link
  • UNICEF is investing $100,000 in six blockchain startups to solve issues affecting developing economies. Link
  • PayPal launches blockchain-based innovation reward system for employees. Link
  • Galaxy Digital is backing a $4M round of funding for crypto lender BlockFi. Link
  • Decentralized browser Brave is now the default on HTC’s blockchain smartphone. Link
  • Stablecoin project Basis is shutting down and returning the majority of capital to its investors. Link
  • Binance is expanding its crypto incubator to 5 new cities. Link
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