Crypto Weekly 13th November 2018 Market News

Here’s why the driving force behind EOS is its global community of leaders
After its record-setting $4B crowd sale earlier this year, EOS is continuing to grow faster than ever. Fueling this growth is its network of community leaders that are dedicated to helping the platform scale globally.

Take a look at the inside story of crypto pioneer Hal Finney
Hal Finney was one of crypto’s original innovators, and this long read lays out the numerous technical breakthroughs he made in the years leading up to the launch of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Binance’s CEO is officially predicting a crypto bull run in the near future
In a recent interview with CNBC, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao went on the record as saying that after a long drought, a crypto bull run is likely to take place sooner than later (and that despite the recent downturn, the markets are still healthy).

Meet the man with a radical plan for blockchain voting
This is a great read on how developer and political theorist Santiago Siri is looking to transform the world of voting (and broken politics more generally) through a new blockchain-based startup called Democracy Earth.

Bitmex’s CEO is defending the exchange amid Medium controversy
After serious allegations of preferential user treatment published in an anonymous blog post last month, Bitmex’s CEO has shot back by saying that his platform doesn’t offer special access to anyone, and doesn’t trade against customers.

Blockchain beyond the hype: what’s the strategic business value?
McKinsey has released a new report on the strategic business value of blockchain technology. The report analyzes the most promising tokenization opportunities in a variety of industries, and assesses the chances of success for each.

Ripple is moving its XRP security lawsuit to the federal courts
After being faced with a lawsuit questioning XRP’s status as a registered security, Ripple has moved to push the case to a federal court – and the stakes are high, as the case has serious implications for Ripple’s network moving forward.

Here’s how one cybersecurity firm is busting SIM swappers, purveyors of a new form of crypto fraud
SIM swapping is a sophisticated technique that’s been increasingly used to steal mobile phone users’ private keys and cryptocurrency – including the widely-reported theft of $100K in cryptocurrency earlier this year.

To blockchain, or not to blockchain? For many brands, it’s now a key question
After a lengthy hype cycle, companies are finally looking to blockchain for more practical applications. But while blockchain technology and crypto assets are undeniably useful, they’re not always necessary for every business.

Here’s how Nick Szabo invented BitGold, and kickstarted a crypto revolution
Szabo is the inventor of BitGold, and this story outlines how he invented the digital currency (which was a predecessor to Bitcoin) – and how attempting to digitally replicate the properties of gold started a new wave of technological innovation.

ZenSports: Your P2P betting marketplace
Create sports bets with anyone in the world without a centralized bookmaker, directly within the app.

  • Execs are fleeing Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital as the firm pivots towards Wall Street. Link
  • The world’s largest oil firms have just launched Vakt, a blockchain platform for energy commodity trading. Link
  • A new Chinese blockchain alliance plans the development of four finance-oriented platforms. Link
  • Meet Solidity Koans, a new way to learn Ethereum programming. Link
  • EOS is showing its centralization by reversing stolen account ownership. Link
  • Tron is partnering up with Binance to support the flood victims in Japan. Link
  • Ripple and Tas integration has been confirmed, and XRP Liquidity is getting a major upgrade. Link
  • You can now use MyCA to get paid in crypto easier than ever. Link
  • There’s a new crypto malware on the loose – and it’s harder to spot than ever. Link
  • Join Hard Fork Decentralized in London on December 12-14. Link
  • Coinbase is hiring a Compliance Support Analyst in Portland. Link
  • Great podcast episode with Adam Back discussing a decade of Bitcoin and more. Link
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