CRYPTO WEEKLY 13th July 2018


  • BTC: $6,231.08 | -$349.56 (-5.31%) since last week
  • ETH: $437.13 | -$31.88 (-6.8%) since last week
  • LTC: $76.94 | -$6.07 (-7.31%) since last week

Binance is backing the launch of the world’s first decentralized and tokenized bank in Malta
In a historic moment for the crypto community, Binance announced this week that it would be backing the Malta-based Founders Bank, the world’s first fully decentralized and tokenized bank to run on the blockchain.

In Venezuela, Bitcoin has become a lifeline for the masses
The volatility of the Venezuelan Bolivar has sent consumers from all walks of life flocking to Bitcoin, which has quickly become the most secure way to hold funds in the country’s rapidly deteriorating economic environment.

These startups are defying crypto’s lack of diversity
It’s no secret that crypto has traditionally had a lack of diversity, but some teams are flipping that status quo. Some of crypto’s biggest startups (like Kraken and BitPesa) are building truly diverse teams, and it’s paying off.

a16z’s considerations for regulating crypto networks
In this piece, the legendary investment firm dives deep into how it looks at regulation of crypto networks (and how tokens should be regulated), all filtered through the lens of the legendary Howey Test.

For better or worse, Telegram is keeping many crypto startups alive
In a world where ICO advertising has been banned from most platforms, Telegram is playing a key role as the one major platform that allows ICO communities to flourish and advertise without major restrictions.

For months, this one investor has been playing an outsized role in the crypto market
This is an excellent profile of how Digital Currency Group’s founder, Barry Silbert, has built an incredibly under-the-radar (yet powerful) crypto venture fund that recently became the industry’s newest unicorn.

Inside the end of a stablecoin – a case study on NuBits
This case study does an excellent job of diving deep into how Bitcoin volatility impacts the demand for stablecoins, as well as how NuBits’ recent demise resulted from improper reserve diversification.

Ethereum is powering the next generation of Pharma innovation
The Ethereum blockchain has given Pharma startups a new way to securely track their products and consumer data across the supply chain, and this has resulted in an explosion of innovation within the space.

Check out these ten surprising use cases for blockchain technology
Much of the press’s focus has been placed on crypto startups in recent months, but it’s worth paying more attention to some of the more unconventional use cases for blockchain – which range from tracking diamonds to transforming the insurance industry.


  • 10M tokens are now being airdropped to NEO investors. Link
  • HTC’s blockchain phone is real and arriving this year. Link
  • TokenPay and Litecoin have announced an extensive strategic partnership. Link
  • This is a great Unchained podcast from a16z Chris Dixon on blockchain. Link
  • These are the top 10 Lightning Apps out right now. Link
  • Billionaire Steven Cohen invests in Crypto hedge fund. Link
  • Watch all the interviews from TechCrunch’s most recent blockchain conference. Link
  • Here’s a full recap of the most recent Zcash conference. Link
  • Join Coinvention from August 30-31 in Philadelphia. Link
  • Google co-founder Sergey Brin has revealed that he’s mining Ethereum. Link
  • Ben and Jerry’s is betting on the blockchain to cancel out carbon in every scoop. Link
  • Circle is hiring a Customer Experience Associate in Boston. Link
  • How to short sell cryptocurrencies, and why more people aren’t. Link
  • We’re launching a new weekly newsletter covering the tech and startup ecosystem in Asia. Link
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