CRYPTO WEEKLY 13th April 2018


  • BTC: $7,835.01 | +$1,233.36 (+18.68%) since last week
  • ETH: $492.75 | +$124.37 (+33.78%) since last week
  • LTC: $126.92 | +$12.98 (+11.38%) since last week


Ripple has announced a $25m XRP investment in Blockchain Capital Fund
After raising $150m in its fourth funding round, the Blockchain Capital Fund has announced that Ripple will be investing $25m in XRP (its native cryptocurrency) in the firm’s latest funding round. The move also makes Blockchain Capital’s fund the first to accept capital investments in the form of cryptocurrency.OKEx, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange, will be moving its headquarters to Malta
The Hong Kong-based crypto exchange (presently the world’s second-largest) announced this week that it would be moving its headquarters to Malta on the heels of more stringent crypto regulations recently being passed in its present home. OKEx is now joining a number of crypto exchanges (including Binance) in moving to the island country, which has recently been pushing to attract more crypto firms to its shores.

This Japanese internet giant is offering to pay its employees’ salaries in Bitcoin
Japanese internet company GMO Internet Group will be rolling out an option for receiving salary payments in Bitcoin to its 4,000 worldwide employees. The firm, which is one of Japan’s largest internet companies, also recently opened its own crypto exchange, GMO Coin, earlier this year and in conjunction announced a crypto mining initiative as well.

Santander has just launched a blockchain-based foreign exchange service
This week, the Spanish bank launched Santander One Pay FX, a new blockchain-based foreign exchange service that uses Ripple’s technology to facilitate same-day international money transfers. The move marks a new phase of the partnership between Santander and Ripple, which began several years ago when Santander participated in Ripple’s first funding round in 2015.

Just how far will cryptocurrency startups’ war on miners go?
Purpose-built ASIC miners have recently become a viable alternative to using GPU hardware for crypto mining, but their rise has many crypto startups playing defense and struggling to keep up. Some firms (like Monero) are opting for hard forks to thwart would-be miners, while others (like Ethereum) are taking a “wait and see” approach for the time being.

This crypto investor made over $100k trading CryptoKitties – here’s how
Crypto investor Ivan Bogatyy made over $100k trading CryptoKitties. Ignored by many in the crypto community as a joke, Bogatyy parlayed his interest into a lucrative return by leveraging the game’s viral appeal to grow his holdings, while expertly exiting the market at its peak (thus securing his earnings from the game).

Investors missed out on $6b in profits by passing on this crypto mining startup
Amsterdam-based firm BitFury recently revealed that it would have accumulated nearly $6b in profits, had it successfully met the goals it set in its first funding round. The firm initially had difficulties convincing institutional investors of the viability of its mining business model, but has since scaled to bring in over $100m in revenue per month.

TenX is now ready to release the world’s first Litecoin Debit Card
Singaporean fintech startup TenX has just announced the launch of the world’s first Litecoin Debit card, which the firm plans to release later this year. As part of the launch, TenX will be partnering with Litecoin to release a co-branded debit card, which customers can use to pay with LTC at nearly any major retailer worldwide.

The Winklevoss brothers have just patented a new type of digital transaction security system
After a lengthy filing process, the Winklevoss brothers have been awarded a patent for their groundbreaking system for improving the security of digital transactions. The technology outlined in the brothers’ patent seems likely to be implemented in Gemini, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges by trading volume.

Some top crypto investors are now telling founders not to pursue ICOs for raising funds
After a flood of ICOs last year, some of the top investors in crypto are scaling back their enthusiasm and advising many projects to avoid token offerings for their fundraising efforts. Some founders are now turning back to the traditional route of equity funding, and even Telegram is considering putting its public ICO on hold after completing its massive private token sale.


  • Bitcoin price jumped $1K in 60 minutes yesterday. Link
  • A great primer on how Lightning Networks work. Link
  • As of this week, Bitcoin Cash is now listed on the CoinHako and BitOasis exchanges. Link
  • One of India’s largest crypto exchanges has just been hacked. Link
  • JP Morgan has just been sued for overcharging cryptocurrency buyers. Link
  • First Trust has just launched the world’s first blockchain ETF. Link
  • Crypto exchange Bittrex is finally taking new customers again. Link
  • Hacked crypto exchange Coincheck sold for $34 million. Link
  • The creators of Filecoin has just launched a $5m crypto grant program. Link
  • This is the definitive guide to creating your own Ethereum Smart Contract. Link
  • Join the Future of Blockchain Conference, taking place on May 8 in Vancouver. Link
  • Bank of America is now looking to move many of its existing systems onto the blockchain. Link
  • 22 European countries have just signed a formal agreement to establish a blockchain partnership. Link


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