Crypto Weekly 12th October 2018 Market News

As the world’s banks increasingly begin to adopt crypto, the IMF has issued a warning over the potential for fraud within the network – as well as the implications of sophisticated 51% attacks on banking systems themselves.

This new $100M VC fund is looking to help crypto startups bridge the gap between China and Silicon Valley
Launched this year, Dragonfly Capital Partners is a new fund assembled by a consortium of Silicon Valley crypto investors. The fund is looking to invest in Asian crypto startups, and it’s already poured in $20M in investments to date.Here’s why consumers are going to have to learn to love the blockchain
This is a great read from TechCrunch on how blockchain technology is becoming so prevalent across a wide range of industries, and why consumers need to learn to embrace the technology for its privacy benefits (and more).

The SEC is starting to tighten the noose on ICO-funded startups
In the past few months, the SEC has stepped up its crackdown on cryptocurrencies, and hundreds of crypto startups are now at risk of facing legal action – and many are already facing pressure behind closed doors.

Coinbase has just added its first Ethereum token to its professional trading platform
After years in operation, the cryptocurrency giant has finally added the 0x protocol token to its platform for trading. The token is presently available only on Coinbase Pro, the company’s institutional trading platform.

XRP – how one technology advancement ended up spiking a cryptocurrency
This is an interesting bit of analysis on how news reports can significantly impact the price of tokens. Using Ripple’s XRP as an example, this is a deep dive into how traders can leverage news announcements early on into a profit opportunity.

Crypto ATMs are offering financial relief in crisis-stricken Argentina
After its currency crashed by more than 125% against the US dollar, Argentina has decided to roll out more than 2000 Bitcoin ATMs across the country over the next year, as many in the country look to crypto as a safe haven for their funds.

This is a great AMA with Bitcoin Core developer Jameson Lopp
Jameson Lopp was one of the original Bitcoin Core developers, and as such, this discussion on Hashnode provides an illuminating look into the development of the platform – as well as insights on smart contracts and more.

The IMF has issued a stark warning over Bitcoin and crypto’s rapid growth
As the world’s banks increasingly begin to adopt crypto, the IMF has issued a warning over the potential for fraud within the network – as well as the implications of sophisticated 51% attacks on banking systems themselves.

Ethereum 2.0: who’s building it?
With the announcement this week that Ethereum 2.0 may be coming next year, the crypto community is abuzz with anticipation. An extensive development team is now working on the new protocol, which will include a number of significant performance improvements.

Blockchain is a frontier technology – here’s how success in the field requires a different mindset
This piece from crypto entrepreneur Mike Dudas explains why blockchain and crypto are considered “frontier technologies”, and how having a growth mindset can help new entrants to the space truly thrive.


  • a16z, Binance, and others are backing Oasis Labs’s new blockchain incubator. Link
  • TRON’s founder claims it’ll be “200x faster than Ethereum”. Link
  • Meet Rain, the first central bank-backed token in the Middle East. Link
  • Watch how the execution of a 51% attack works in real time later today. Link
  • A Spanish Bitcoin miner is planning to build a 300mw solar plant to fuel his efforts. Link
  • Somebody just won 310 BTC in a secret contest on Reddit. Link
  • Origin Protocol has just launched its official beta on mainnet. Link
  • Blockfolio raises $11.5M by Pantera Capital, BitMEX and others. Link
  • ZRX is launching on Coinbase Pro. Link
  • According to The Block’s findings, Bitcoin premium on Bitfinex grew from 1.5% to 1.7% today. Link
  • CNBC Cryptotrader news: The future of the Utility Token. Link
  • According to Vitalik, Ethereum 2.0 research is on track and may launch next year. Link
  • Join the World Crypto Conference in Las Vegas on October 31. Link
  • Coinbase is hiring a Corporate Development Associate in San Francisco. Link
  • We just added 83 new crypto companies, 10 crypto exchanges, 16 new ICOs, 4 new crypto news outlets and 3 new crypto VC’s to CryptoList. Link
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