CRYPTO WEEKLY 10th June 2018 Market News


  • BTC: $6,530.35 | -$65.56 (-1.2%) since last week
  • ETH: $453.52 | -$14.06 (-3.94%) since last week
  • LTC: $76.51 | -$10.51 (-11.40%) since last week

A fifth of all Bitcoin is missing, and these crypto hunters can help
With an estimated 20% of all Bitcoins lost or missing globally, there’s a growing market for crypto recovery services. Companies like Chainalysis and WeRecoverData are leading the way in this space, but they have competitors ranging from bespoke wallet recovery services, to even hypnotists.

In a breakthrough, South Korea will be officially legalizing crypto and blockchain in full
After outlawing crypto trading and then rolling back some of its regulations, one of Asia’s largest crypto markets is set to fully legalize trading once again. South Korea’s top financial watchdog announced the change this week, which will see crypto and blockchain companies legalized.

A discussion on the blockchain beyond Bitcoin
Blockchain is the cornerstone of Bitcoin, but it has numerous uses beyond the consumer sector. This piece outlines some of the potential enterprise use cases for the technology – including private blockchains, which are becoming increasingly attractive to large companies.

A new paper has revealed massive backing for Bitcoin
A new research paper has found that Bitcoin presently has one of the three key attributes for mass adoption and that the other two are quickly developing. The three primary criteria for mass adoption are crypto as a store of value, a medium of exchange, and a unit of account.

Ethereum suffers from a gas crisis, and it’s by design
It’s no secret, but Ethereum is suffering from a gas crisis. The gas price of Ethereum is highly volatile, but this is by design. According to many in the industry, this is still the most efficient way to balance such a limited resource effectively.

Some of the biggest names in blockchain are backing this distributed ledger project
Oasis Labs is a startup that’s developing a new way to store, secure, and enable privacy-preserving smart contracts, and it’s already received more than $45M in funding from some of the biggest investors in the blockchain space.

It’s taken time, but the African crypto revolution is finally starting
Despite crypto trading at a premium on most exchanges in Africa, the technology is taking off as more people than ever on the continent now have smartphones and already possess digital bank accounts (such as through M-Pesa, one of Africa’s top mobile money apps).

Bancor has just been hacked, losing $12M in Ether
Earlier this week, the decentralized exchange announced that it had been breached by an unknown group of hackers and that more than $12M in Ether had been stolen. The exchange is now working on fixing the original security vulnerability and has promised to help customers recover their lost tokens.

Here’s how Bitmain became the largest crypto company ever
Bitmain is now the largest crypto company in the world, and it got there through a combination of impeccable timing for its market entry, massive scale, and significant amount of funding. As a result, the company’s annual revenue has rocketed to nearly $4B in just several years.

Read this great explainer of what crypto-collectibles are and how they work
Crypto-collectibles are digital assets that can be purchased on the Ethereum blockchain, and there’s a growing market for them. The collectibles live on the Ethereum blockchain as a non-fungible token and are akin to rare collectibles.


  • An excellent fireside chat with Vitalik Buterin. Link
  • CryptoList just got a big update with 100 new crypto related Telegram groups, 39 new crypto companies, 16 new ICOs, 13 new exchanges and more. Link
  • One of Ethereum’s oldest projects, Augur, has just received its official public release. Link
  • Flow Traders is creating the first exchange-traded notes based on Bitcoin. Link
  • The Winklevoss twins have hired a top NYSE exec to their crypto exchange. Link
  • In a first, the UK has created a regulatory sandbox for crypto. Link
  • Video interview with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao covering BNB token, strategy, transaction mining and more. Link
  • Bitmain is investing $50M in Opera’s web browser. Link
  • A Chinese billionaire is leaking details about Binance, Bitmain, and other crypto companies. Link
  • Meet xRapid, the easy way to source liquidity using Ripple. Link
  • Blockstream is hiring a Web Developer in Victoria, Canada. Link
  • 20 Crypto Companies in San Francisco You Should Get to Know. Link
  • BitGo adds 57 Ethereum tokens in largest-ever custody service expansion. Link
  • Ledger launches Ledger Live, the all-in-one companion app to your Ledger device. Link
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