Copy Trade Your Way Through The Crypto Bull Run With Covesting

Since early 2020, Bitcoin has risen by 1500%, Ethereum by 5500%, and other altcoins by significantly more than that. Solana has done 7500% in just 2021 alone, and Dogecoin, Cardano, and several others have all done the same. 

All while this was going on, Covesting strategy managers were busy making as much as 100,000% in total profits according to the fully transparent data provided by the Covesting leaderboards. 

The examples combined are compelling calls to action for anyone and everyone who also wants to make money like the figures listed above, but don’t quite know how. With Covesting, you can copy trade your way through the rest of the crypto bull run, and even have the luxury of being ahead of the rest of the market when the bear market arrives. Here’s how.

“Everyone Is A Genius In A Bull Market”

There is a saying that everyone is a genius in a bull market, in reference to how easy it seems for even the uneducated to make money from stocks, meme coins, cryptocurrencies, and more. The quote is in reference to how even mainstream retail investors buying Dogecoin were able to make a fortune, while the likes of Warren Buffett stay miles away from what could be the biggest financial opportunity the man has ever witnessed.

For example, Buffett has called Bitcoin rat poison, yet the cryptocurrency has more than 1,000,000% returns despite his distaste in the technology. But when there is mania, money doesn’t always make sense. Those that can make sense of it, also make a fortune while they are at it. One such example happened recently in the peer-to-peer copy trading community, Covesting, where a strategy manager has reached more than 100,000% in total profits. 

This strategy manager’s exact formula isn’t fully known, yet it was speculated that the user had gone long on Bitcoin at the very bottom of the 2021 selloff, and adding to it on the way up to $60.000. The transparent metrics available in the Covesting leaderboards paints the picture of a position that required patience, skill, and the ability to go against the crowd sentiment at the time, that was expecting Bitcoin to drop back to $20,000 flat.

Skills, Experience, Courage: What It Takes To Be A Strategy Manager

A strategy manager is a Covesting user with either skills, experience, courage, or an assortment of them all. This user creates a separate account with higher deposit limits to make sure they mean business, and then others can begin to follow this user. Strategy managers can start small with friends and family, and as their total profits grow, more followers will begin to jump on board and the capital pool becomes larger.

Strategy managers get the benefit of trading with more power, even earning a cut of the profits from followers’ success fees. Followers, who make up the other side of the Covesting experience, can follow any strategy manager and copy their trades, successful or not. The idea is to use fully transparent data on risk and success to pick winners that trade successfully more often than they do not. 

Even the best traders can make a losing trade, or go on a losing streak, so Covesting arms all followers with the ability to take profit on followings without losing their position, and set stop loss levels to limit unwanted drawdowns. Followers must check and monitor these metrics often to wisely manage positions, not just at the time the strategy is chosen. 

Followers Get Their Choice Over Four And Five-Digit ROI Traders

Covesting strategy managers have total profits to show that reach in the four and five digits, with the rare occasional story of a trader reaching six full digits of ROI. These traders are regularly outperforming the market and then some. Rather than having to sift through coin after coin to find the next Bitcoin or Ethereum, which is like finding a needle in a haystack, almost every strategy manager on Covesting has a track record of performance and profitability. Whereas most coins that have already shown performance and profitability are already tapped out in terms of further ROI.

Covesting strategy managers also have full access to the full suite of advanced trading tools offered by the award-winning and secure crypto trading platform PrimeXBT. There are more than 60 trading instruments available across forex, stock indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Not only are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin discussed here in a bull run, but so is the stock market, commodities, and more. Metals are waiting to explode once again. No matter the market, opportunities are seemingly endless.

Followers get the benefit of bypassing technical analysis and managing positions on their own, and get to copy the trades of strategy managers instead. Rather than go long or short at support or resistance, picking out trends, and all that comes along with trading, followers just pick the right strategy managers from a massive list to add each following to their portfolio, then they can sit, back, and profit without nearly as much stress or heavy lifting.

Copy Trade The Bull Run And Transition To Bear Market

The phrase everyone is a genius during a bull market, maybe should be rephrased to “everyone is a genius who uses Covesting.” Strategy managers can make more money than what was otherwise possible by accessing follower capital for bigger trades, and followers get to tap into the skills of those that are far more experienced than they are, during a phase when there is no time to waste. 

Even better, followers will be in the right hands for when markets do finally turn and the bull market ends. Few know when the time is right to hedge their longs and go short, and it is often when the market is most exuberant and greed is everywhere. Much like fear prevents many from ever buying the bottom, even less are able to sell the top. Rather than take such a risk, let Covesting copy traders do it for you, with the Covesting copy trading module on PrimeXBT.

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