China began stockpiling PPE before the Covid epidemic

Experts say that China began to buy global PPE stocks from Australia, Europe and the USA around the same period.

China started to restrict the export of personal protective gear (PPE) months before it notified the world about the outbreak of Covid-19.

PPE exports to America fell by approximately 50% between August and September 2019, a dramatic drop that alarms key US government agencies.

Experts said that China began to buy global PPE stocks from Australia, Europe and the USA around the same period.

China is the largest manufacturer of PPE in the world and the fall in PPE supply has raised new questions about the timeline for the emergence of SARS-CoV-2.

A modified timeline would be a significant challenge to the theory that the pandemic began in a seafood store in Wuhan. The first cases were reported in December 2019.

Former US officials, including Dr Tom McGinn (Senior Health Advisor at DHS) and Colonel John Hoffman (Senior Research Fellow at Food Protection and Defence Institute), discovered the anomaly. Their careers span decades in the US military and government.

After being unconvinced by the fact that the virus had originated at Wuhan Wet Market in Dec 2019, the pair began to look for alternative theories.

After searching a Customs and Border Protection database that tracks US goods, they discovered that China had begun hoarding PPE well before the outbreak.

Colonel Hoffman said, “You can look back about three years at import data”. “This isn’t the normal up-and-down that happens”

The information was presented by the pair to DHS’s Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office. DHS declined to investigate the matter, stating that the drop was normal supply fluctuations.

Col Hoffman reached out to HCA Healthcare, America’s largest hospital network, and was told it was not common.

Backorder available for September 2019 surgical gowns

HCA operates approximately 200 hospitals and 2,000 clinics. A representative from HCA reported that surgical gowns and drapes were on backorder in September 2019. This left hospitals scrambling.

Col Hoffman said, “I asked HCA personnel if this has happened recently”.

“The answer was no, they couldn’t remember ever seeing this much stuff on back order.”

David Asher, an ex-State Department official who was a key player in the pandemic response, is now a senior fellow at Hudson Institute. He says that the shortage was also caused in part by the Chinese government’s attempts to buy up global PPE stock in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Dr Asher stated that there was “a steady uptick in Chinese purchasing”. “And it was significant enough for my colleagues at DHS to hear about it from American PPE manufacturers and, most importantly, from US hospitals reporting that they couldn’t get the usual supply of masks.

China’s campaign to seize global PPE stocks to ship back to China during the pandemic that began in January 2020.

However, earlier purchases made in August and September 2019 raise questions about whether the Chinese knew of the outbreak sooner.

Experts now believe that Covid-19 may have leaked from experiments at Dr Shi Zhengli’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), where he was studying bat-borne coronaviruses.

PPE export restrictions were implemented at the same time as the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which had removed a database of bat virus gene sequences. This database has never been recovered.

Col Hoffman and Dr McGinn also met with senior scientists from EcoHealth Alliance. This non-profit organization is known for funnelling US funding to Dr Shi Zhengli’s WIV lab.

According to security reasons, a source requested anonymity from the EcoHealth Alliance and they confirm that the pandemic did not start at Wuhan Wet Market.

Studies support the notion that Covid existed earlier than was previously believed. The CDC has released a 2021 report showing that an Italian boy was infected with Covid in November 2019.

Scientists in Milan also found that a woman was infected in the same month. British research suggests that the outbreak started in October 2019.

Experts claim they are confused by the lack of an investigation into the PPE shortage. They argue that it amounts to a cover-up. Experts claim that an inquiry would have provided crucial information to help not only understand the source of the pandemic but also to protect the public.

Col Hoffman added that “the DHS failed to further investigation led them to cover up their derelictions of duty”,  which was then further concealed to gain deniability of their actions.

DHS has been contacted for comment by the Telegraph newspaper.

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