ChatGPT now possesses the ability to engage in audible conversation, hearing & responding to you.

Late last year, the digital chatbot ChatGPT made quite an impression globally, and now, it’s back with additional capabilities. OpenAI has enhanced its bot to speak, listen, and “see” the environment it operates in, intensifying the competition with other tech giants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

Now, OpenAI has incorporated a “push to talk” feature that enables users to have interactive dialogues with the AI bot by asking spoken questions.

Furthermore, users can snap a photograph and pose questions to ChatGPT about the captured image.

Here’s how OpenAI illustrates these innovative features:

These new tools in voice and image provide additional avenues to integrate ChatGPT into daily activities. Capture an image of a landmark during your travels and engage in a live dialogue about its significance.

At home, photograph the contents of your fridge and pantry to decide on dinner, and ask follow-up questions to get a detailed recipe. Post dinner, assist your child with math homework by snapping a picture, highlighting the problem, and letting it provide hints for both of you.

Nevertheless, anticipating possible criticism or inappropriate remarks from the chatbot, OpenAI has imposed restrictions on the bot’s ability to observe and comment on individuals.

OpenAI has also implemented technical precautions to substantially curb ChatGPT’s capacity to assess and comment directly on individuals, acknowledging that ChatGPT may not always be accurate and that the system should uphold individuals’ privacy.

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