Catenae Innov. PLC (CTEA.L) Catenae joins Consortium on Cov-ID Project

Catenae Innovation PLC (AIM: CTEA), the AIM quoted provider of digital media and technology, today announces that it has joined a consortium led by Z/Yen Group (“Z/Yen”) with the objective of building a GDPR compliant identity documentation exchange system, “Cov-ID”, to record an individual’s Covid-19 test status. Details of the project can be found at

The Cov-ID ‘digital passport’ would record both swab tests (active virus) and serological tests (antibody) and enable people to easily share their status – unexposed, active and recovered – in any fast, secure digital medium. The benefit is an authoritative way for specific groups to know that they can responsibly allow people to congregate at work or in social settings. The vast testing information being compiled can be shared with controls that ensure individuals remain in charge of their data. The Cov-ID system will use an ‘internet of record’ Smart Ledger (aka blockchain) identity documentation platform called ChainZy and a digital identity product IDChainZ. Both systems were developed by Z/Yen, the City of London’s leading commercial think-tank, which has significant expertise in health and software development, running the software and timestamping for clinical assessment trials worldwide.

The Cov-ID Project Technical mobilisation should occur over the next 2 week period, with a prototype, testing and finalisation stage occurring in the following 2 week period.

Catenae is an intellectual property client of Z/Yen using ChainZy for its OnSite products and will provide expertise and Catenae’s own propriety technology which is currently deployed across the Sporting, Man-Guarding and Facilities Management sectors.

About Z/Yen Group

Z/Yen was founded in 1994 to promote societal advance through better finance and technology. Z/Yen has built its practice around a core of high-powered project managers, supported by experienced technical specialists so that clients get expertise they need, rather than just resources available. The firm is headquartered in London, but Z/Yen is committed to the ‘virtual office’ concept and is an intense user of technology in order to improve flexibility and benefit staff. Z/Yen has 25 full-time-equivalent staff and over 300 associate experts. Z/Yen people share significantly in the benefits of success and Z/Yen seeks to develop a supportive environment in which professionals from a variety of disciplines can flourish.

Consortium members

Other members of the consortium are:-

– fm2x, a specialist software provider working with Z/Yen for over 25 years providing secure systems to the Cabinet Office and running youthinmind’s systems, handling over 15 million clinical assessments per year.

– SI Units, a data science company of young researchers specialising in bespoke projects connecting interdisciplinary expertise providing novel forecasts, using machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and physics.

There is no guarantee that the Cov-ID product will be finalised nor enter the commercialisation stage, nor that in the event that it is commercialised, that the commercial terms will be favourable to the Company.

Guy Meyer, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Catenae, said: “We are very pleased to be part of this fast-moving dynamic consortium developing such an exciting, innovative and relevant product utilising our combined technology expertise. The Cov-ID digital passport will allow this testing data to be available simply on a fast, reliable and secure controlled exchange in real-time. User participation needs to be from the ground up and not imposed top down. To that end, the social and economic benefits to users needs to be compelling as society emerges from current restrictions. Clearly these benefits of enabling people to re-enter the workplace or social settings are enormous.

We look forward to updating the market as the project progresses. ”

Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman, Z/Yen Group, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Catenae to this consortium. There are many suggestions for handling the return to normality safely, and our proposal for an open source architecture to help provide solid evidence of exposure, simply, reliably, and in line with privacy concerns could help not just with covid-19 but also other identity & documentation exchange. Catenae’s experience in on-site validation is invaluable to our consortium .”

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virus - Catenae Innov. PLC (CTEA.L) Catenae joins Consortium on Cov-ID Projectvirus - Catenae Innov. PLC (CTEA.L) Catenae joins Consortium on Cov-ID Project
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