Breaking News “Moore House Drilling Kit” is arriving at West Newton B-1Z (“WNB-1Z”)

It is official ” Moore House Drilling Kit” is arriving at West Newton  B-1Z (“WNB-1Z”) conventional appraisal well, operated by Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited. 10:35 am 24th May 2021.

The WNB-1Z Side-Track Appraisal Well

The WNB-1Z side-track appraisal well commenced during November 2020 and reached a Measured Depth of 2,114 metres. 18 metres of core was successfully cut and recovered from the Kirkham Abbey formation.

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· Good seismic calibration across the West Newton project area, highlighting both the Kirkham Abbey “platform” and “slope” deposit

– Demonstrated hydrocarbon column of at least 118 metres with no hydrocarbon-water contact

– Thick porous section identified in both WNA-2 and WNB-1Z wells suggesting a contiguous Kirkham Abbey reservoir across the West Newton structure

– B-1Z well de-risks the southern component of the West Newton licence area and crucially supports the accuracy of the seismic interpretation across the entire platform

· Log results at B-1Z well exceeded Union Jack’s pre-drill expectations

– Good porosity throughout the interval

– Kirkham Abbey interval hydrocarbon saturated

– Mudgas concentrations observed while drilling through the Kirkham Abbey formation at B-1Z well were as high as 9.8% total gas

· 18 metres of core cut and recovered from the B-1Z well

– Visible natural fracturing, micro fracturing and vuggy porosity demonstrated from

Core-lab inspection and analysis

Executive Chairman of Union Jack Oil commented:

“We are delighted to report that mobilisation in respect of well testing, initially on the West Newton B-1Z well, is expected to commence in May 2021.

“Initial results from the recently completed Cased Hole Logging Programme and Vertical Seismic Profiling, coupled with historical well log results and measurements taken whilst drilling, have all been highly encouraging to date and the Joint Venture participants hold high expectations for a successful flow test.

“We await with great interest the testing results over the coming months from both WNB-1Z and WNA-2 and look forward to updating shareholders as further progress is made.”

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