Breakin News: UK PM poised for recall of MPs to Parliament, Afghanistan, is on the verge of collapse

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, is set to recall Parliament after reports emerged that Taliban fighters had entered Kabul’s outskirts.

The country was on the verge of total collapse and the British forces sent to evacuate it was believed to be present in the city, amid fears that the country could fall within days or even hours.

As a sign of how fast the country is collapsing, arrangements were being made to fly Laurie Bristow, the British Ambassador out of the country.

According to a No10 source, Johnson is expected to call for the recall of MPs this week in order to address the worsening situation.

After discussions with Lindsay Hoyle, Commons Speaker, the timing of the return will be finalized.

Bristow, along with other diplomats from around the world, was originally intended to remain in Kabul.

In a rush for safety, countries had to quickly remove their staff. Helicopters were seen landing at the US Embassy to transport any remaining personnel.

Many MPs in the UK were angry at the fact that 20 years ago, the first international forces had entered Afghanistan. Now the country was being left to its fate.

Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, said it was “the largest single foreign policy disaster” since Suez. Tobias Ellwood chairman of the Defence Committee said it was humiliating for the West.

Keir Starmer, Labour leader, said ministers should explain their intentions to prevent a humanitarian crisis from escalating and to stop Afghanistan from becoming an international terrorist base.

He said, “The situation is in Afghanistan is deeply disturbing and seems to be getting worse by the hour.”

“It is urgent that all British personnel and support staff be evacuated from Kabul. While Afghanistan fell, the government was silent. This will have serious consequences for the UK.

Ellwood stated that it was not too late for the situation to be reversed despite the withdrawal decision by the Biden administration.

He demanded the Royal Navy’s carrier strike force be sent to the region. He also urged the Prime Minister to convene an emergency meeting of “like-minded countries” to discuss what could be done.

“I beg the prime minister to reconsider. He told Times Radio that there is a narrow window of time for us to recognize where the country is headed as a failed state.

We can turn this around, but it takes political will and courage. Now is the time to move forward.

“We could stop this, or else history will judge us very harshly for not intervening when we could and allowing the state’s failure to succeed.”

Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, stated that before the US announced their plans to withdraw, Ben Wallace had spoken to other allies to take their place. However, none were willing to do so.

He wrote in The Sunday Telegraph that he thought it was “arrogant” to believe the UK”, which is also withdrawing its troops, could solve the problem unilaterally.

He stated that a unilateral force would be quickly viewed as an occupation force, and history has shown us what happens in Afghanistan no matter how powerful the country sending it.

Britain will send 600 troops, including Paras from 16 Air Assault Brigade, on a mission supporting the final departure of all remaining UK nationals and Afghans who have worked with the UK in Afghanistan.

Wallace previously stated that they would be there until the end of the month. However, given the pace of the collapse, it seems unlikely.

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