Braveheart Inv Group (BRH.L) Update in response to social media speculation

Update in response to social media speculation and share price movements

Braveheart (AIM: BRH), the fund management and strategic investment group, having noted the recent share price movements and social media speculation, provide an update on those Braveheart companies which currently have projects in association with the Aptamer Group Limited (“Aptamer Group”).

Paraytec Limited (“Paraytec”) (holding 100%)

Paraytec are in discussions with Aptamer Group and the University of Sheffield to define a project to develop a COVID-19 test. If successful, this test would enable potentially infectious individuals to be identified quickly. Such a test could be used in airports, transport hubs, healthcare environments, large workplaces and similar settings, where rapid screening of large numbers of people for presence of the virus is required. Using Paraytec’s imaging capability in partnership with aptamers from Aptamer Group which bind to the spike protein on the virus, the objective is to develop a portable test, which can generate a result in a matter of minutes from a swab provided at the test location and require no specialist skills to be operated.

Kirkstall Limited (“Kirkstall”) (holding 80.00%)

Kirkstall’s Quasi-Vivo systems are being considered by Aptamer Group to provide a possible test bed for testing of aptamer based cancer therapeutics which they are developing.

Sentinel Medical Limited (“Sentinel”) (holding 38.38%)

As previously reported, Sentinel has a licence to use Paraytec’s imaging technology to detect bladder cancer and has ongoing trials with bladder cancer patient samples, to develop a point-of-care instrument. It has submitted a grant application with University of Sheffield, Aptamer Group and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, to enhance this product using aptamers.

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