Beware “brushing scams” Amazon sent free parcels to homeowners

Chinese sellers use a bizarre scheme to increase their sales and ratings on the website.

An Amazon scam perpetrated by Chinese sellers has seen unsuspecting homeowners be inundated with parcels.

Many people have received hundreds upon scores of unwelcome deliveries from “brushing scams” after their personal information and addresses were taken by Amazon sellers. The recipients are not financially affected by the complicated scam.

It allows Amazon-based sellers to artificially increase their sales and ratings. This fakes credibility and allows them to sell fake products to trick other customers.

Katherine Hart, a Cupar, Scotland resident, claimed she was overwhelmed with Amazon parcels that she hadn’t ordered. She stated that one was a very inexpensive coat.

Another was some dog supplies – and I don’t own a dog.” Ms Hart works for the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. She became concerned that her data might have been compromised. She contacted the website, which confirmed that she was part of a brushing scam.

Which?, a consumer association, estimated that last year more than one million people had received unsolicited Amazon packages. According to Which?, more than 1 million people received unwelcome Amazon packages last year. Ms Hart said that although receiving free items was a positive thing, it wasn’t a crime.

She said, “It causes a lot of angst for individuals.” They are trying to figure out why these packages arrive and, more importantly, who has their personal information.”

She said that people have spent a lot of time refusing to accept hundreds of parcels they’ve received. Amazon stated that it is against its terms and conditions to send unsolicited parcels.

Scammers can create new accounts, but the company can suspend or remove sellers who are reported to it.

Amazon spokesperson added that “Brushing affects all internet marketplaces. We have strong processes in place, and we are persistent in our efforts to detect abuse and prevent it from affecting customer experiences.

“We will continue to take appropriate actions, including supporting legal enforcement, withholding payment, and suspending/removing selling privileges. We encourage customers to report unsolicited mail to our customer service team, so we can investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

Online shopping has seen an increase in parcel and delivery scams. According to UK Finance, parcel fraud and delivery now account for 57% of all scam texts in Britain.

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