Banksy paints the walls of Ukraine’s bombed out buildings

Banksy, a renowned British graffiti artist, is currently painting the ruins of Ukraine.

The artist, whose identity is unknown, posted an Instagram picture of Borodyanka’s mural just outside Kyiv.

Borodyanka suffered severe damage during Russia’s February attempt to seize the capital. The city was also subject to artillery shelling and air strikes. The area was blocked and civilians were starved until April when the Ukrainian forces retook the area.

The artwork depicts a gymnast performing a handstand in the midst of debris.

Four murals in Banksy’s signature style were found on Kyiv buildings that had been damaged. There was speculation that Banksy may have been in Ukraine recently.

Although it seems probable, Banksy hasn’t yet confirmed that the paintings are his.

One image depicts an adult being defeated by a child in judo, in a David-and-Goliath-like scene. Many speculate that the older man is Vladimir Putin, a black belt in Judo.

It was also seen in Borodyanka.

The third artwork depicts a rhythmic gymnast who is apparently injured but still performs. Balances on one leg on top of the gaping hole in the building’s side in Irpin.

Irpin, located on the outskirts of Kyiv was under siege during the first weeks of the war. Civilians trying to flee were apparently shelled by the Russians.

Banksy uploaded an image to Instagram showing a wide view from Borodyanka.

It has been largely destroyed, with only a small portion of it remaining and all its windows blown out. The painting of his father can be seen at the bottom with the building rising above it.

Banksy is a well-known street artist and frequently addresses issues related to politics, justice and human rights in his works.

His painting skills have been used to restore buildings destroyed in Gaza.

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