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The Zika virus, a member of the Flaviviridae family that was originally spread by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes, has already provided an ideal demonstration that Avacta’s Affimer platform can very quickly develop highly specific reagents in response to an outbreak of an infectious disease.

The Group’s global technology partnership with Cytiva announced today now provides it with immediate access to a COVID-19 diagnostic, which is essential if a practical and commercial solution is to be promptly offered to governments and healthcare providers around the world.

Affimer-based tools can be designed rapidly and specifically for identified epitopes, while Cytiva’s support in the form of technology transfer and usability should ensure a test is ready at the earliest point for use in the field. Potentially this provides Avacta with not only a reputation building, high-profile new product of global significance, but also near and longer-term commercial opportunities for its platform.


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Avacta, the developer of Affimer® technology and pre|CISION chemotherapies, has entered into a collaboration with Cytiva, formerly known as GE Healthcare Life Sciences. The companies will develop and manufacture an Affimer-based point-of-care rapid test intended for screening of large populations to diagnose the COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

The World Health Organisation (‘WHO’) recently highlighted the need for the development of rapid tests to quickly diagnose COVID-19 at point-of-care to assist in limiting and tracking infections. Existing tests are not suitable for screening large numbers of people for the infection as they are laboratory-based and it can take up to several days to get the results

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