Audioboom Group PLC (AIM:BOOM) Audioboom climbs global podcast publisher rankings

Audioboom (AIM: BOOM), the leading global podcast company, is pleased to announce that, according to Triton Digital’s April 2022 Podcast Reports, it is now ranked as the fourth-largest US podcast publisher based on both the number of average weekly downloads and average weekly users.

Additionally, Audioboom is now the second-largest publisher in New Zealand based on both the number of monthly listeners and monthly downloads.

In the US, Audioboom averaged 21.6 million downloads per week during April and moved into fourth position.

In New Zealand, Audioboom moved into second position. Additionally, in the Triton Digital April reports, Audioboom ranked third in Australia and fourth in Canada, highlighting the global scale the Company has developed.

Audioboom has continued to outperform its competitors over the last twelve months in the Triton Digital Podcast Reports. Triton’s US report highlights Audioboom’s 80% growth in weekly downloads between April 2021 and April 2022 – during the same period the top 10 publishers, excluding Audioboom, grew at 30%.

Audioboom’s CEO, Stuart Last, commented: “The Triton Digital Podcast Reports highlight Audioboom’s position as a leading global podcast publisher. We are the number one independent publisher and the number one pure-play podcasting company across many territories, growing significantly faster than our competitors. I am delighted that we are delivering on our mission to help our creators grow passionate and engaged audiences around the world.”


Audioboom Group plc

Stuart Last, Chief Executive Officer

Brad Clarke, Chief Financial Officer

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