As the Cold Snap continues, Snow moves into parts of UK

As forecasters warn about severe weather conditions, snow has been spotted in parts of the UK.

There has been snow falling and settling in parts of Scotland, Wales, northwest England, and Devon.

Manchester Airport closed its runways due to heavy snow, disrupting more than 20 flights.

The airport released a statement saying that the runways were temporarily closed due to heavy snowfall. Safety and health will remain our highest priority. Operations will resume as soon as possible.

Police in the northwest of England are reminding motorists to be careful as they deal with road traffic collisions.

North West Motorway Police tweeted “Good morning people, snowfall this morning is causing water to surface on the region’s motorways.

“We are currently handling RTCs for the M58 M62, M61, and A556. If you’re planning to drive today, please be careful.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning about snow and ice for large parts of Scotland, as well as for parts of Northern Ireland and Wales until Sunday at 12pm.

Sunday brings another snow and ice advisory for London and parts of South-eastern England. It will be in effect for 24 hours and starts at 9 am.

According to the Met Office, these conditions could cause more disruption in travel, particularly Monday mornings. There is also a chance that some rural communities may be cut off, as well as the possibility of power outages and mobile phone coverage being disrupted.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which sent out a level 3 cold weather alert for England, extended it from Monday.

Met Office chief meteorologist Dan Stroud stated that Saturday’s weather is a “continuation of the very cold, frosty theme”.

She said that although there are a few showers in the north and west, there is the possibility of organised snow moving across the South East on Sunday or Monday.

Mr Stroud stated that the snow will “graze parts Sussex and Kent” and added: “It’s riskier at the moment.”

Mr Stroud said that Wales might see some rains, and snow may fall in the hills. However, Scotland’s snow is “largely lighter” right now.

He said that Saturday will bring “a lot of fine and dry weather in the UK, but it will feel very cold out there, with temperatures struggling to reach the low single figures.”

According to the forecaster, people should “keep up-to-date with the latest forecasts” and plan their routes carefully. Take extra precautions and allow extra time for travel, as roads can be slippery and frosty.

Mr Stroud said that temperatures dropped overnight to minus 9.2C at Eskdalemuir, Scotland.

The UKHSA advises people to be aware of their loved ones who are at risk from the cold and to make sure they have warm food and drink.

Dr Agostinho Sousa is a consultant in public medicine at UKHSA. He said that cold weather can have severe consequences for your health. Older people, as well as those with heart and lung conditions, can be especially at risk.

“If you have a preexisting medical condition, heat your home to a temperature you are comfortable with.

If you are able to heat rooms that you use most, such as your living room or bedroom (or both), try heating them to at least 18C. Your bedroom windows should be closed at night. Multiple layers of clothing will keep your body warmer than one thicker one.

Darren Clark, National Highways’ severe weather resilience manager, stated that gritters would be working to maintain motorways and major A roads open.

He stated that “National Highways is committed to treating every road that needs to be treated, whenever it is necessary.”

Rod Dennis, a spokesperson of the RAC, advised drivers to be aware and suggested that football fans leave their cars behind and walk if they are going to see England play France in the World Cup quarterfinal.

He stated that the “big freeze” continues today. Those driving on roads should be aware of the possibility of ice, particularly in the south and west parts of the UK. These areas are not covered by weather warnings.

“Leaving your car at home and walking to the match is the best option – especially if you plan on drinking alcohol during England v France.

“Yesterday was a very busy day for breakdowns. There were approximately 400 cars breaking down each hour. This is similar to what you would expect on Monday in December.”

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