Are Deepmatter Double Reporting By Announcing Trials with Dr Reddys and a Subsidiary ?

DeepMatter Group PLC today announced it has signed a contract to trial its DigitalGlassware® platform with Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services based in Hyderabad, India, to supply its DigitalGlassware® platform.

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is a fully integrated Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRO/CDMO) providing a wide range of services for small and large molecule. DeepMatter will provide its DigitalGlassware® platform to Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services to help screen, develop and scale up chemistry procedures and to accelerate custom drug discovery and development projects.

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services seeks to evaluate the technology to find efficiency and productivity gains through deeper data insights via collated aggregated data streams to better understand difficult synthetic routes and to foster active data sharing capabilities. The technology will help scan every reaction parameter and accelerate failed reaction diagnostics. Through this project Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services reinforces its focus to provide faster and efficient chemistry services to its customers and thus accelerating the drug discovery and development process.

DigitalGlassware® comprises a cloud-based software platform allowing scientists to easily bring together digitised synthesis protocols (recipes) and contextualised time-course sensor streams from a range of analytical instrumentation, in real-time (see note to editors below).

Mark Warne, CEO of DeepMatter, commented:

“This paid for trials agreement is another positive step in our strategy to provide our DigitalGlassware® platform to the major global Contract Research Organisations (CRO’s) where the ability to reproduce is paramount in order to accelerate the discovery of new drugs.”

Ravi Venkataraman, CEO of Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services commented:

“Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is committed to leveraging cutting edge technologies to accelerate drug discovery and development, and providing differentiated services to our clients to bring new medicines to market. Digital transformation leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) tools is a key focus area and our collaboration with DeepMatter is one step towards faster patient centric innovation”

What is interesting is that as recently as the 29th Septmeber 2021, Deepmatter PLC announced a collaboration with Dr Reddys , which appears to be the parent company of Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services.

In that RNS it announced “DEEPMATTER, the digital chemistry specialist, has signed a contract with a major pharmaceuticals manufacturer in India to provide its real-time “recipes” platform.”

Glasgow-based DeepMatter will provide its DigitalGlassware platform to Dr Reddy’s process development team who are looking to the development and scale-up of chemistry procedures to handover to colleagues.

The collaboration is part of DeepMatter’s ongoing strategy to provide its platform to the major global contract research organisations (CROs) where the need for reproducibility is central to accelerating the discovery of new drugs.

Dr Reddy’s manufactures and markets a wide range of pharmaceuticals in India and overseas and has built strong R&D capabilities worldwide, making it a partner of choice in contract research, development, and manufacturing services.

DigitalGlassware comprises a cloud-based software platform allowing scientists to easily bring together digitised synthesis protocols – recipes – and contextualised time-course sensor streams from a range of analytical instrumentation, importantly in real-time.

Mark Warne, DeepMatter Group chief executive, said it is focused on creating value for the world’s largest CROs with the platform as it constantly builds on its capabilities.

“We are working with them to firmly establish it as the go-to platform for capturing and structuring time-course sensor data in the lab, to enable improved insights for better productivity and discovery,” he said.

“Dr Reddy’s are actively interested in the capture of parameters that they can utilise for their process development and modelling activities.”

The only positives here appears to be that it is a paid trial, so the original Dr Reddys agreement could also have been using the paid model, and additionally that the original trial with Dr Reddys was with “Dr Reddy’s process development team” – so it would be interesting to know if this new trial is a result of positive views of the platform over the 30 day period.

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