appScatter Group Plc (AIM:APPS) Android Software Developer Kit Launched

appScatter Group plc (AIM: APPS), the scalable business-to-business (‘B2B’) Software as a Service (‘SaaS’) platform that allows paying users to distribute and manage their apps on multiple app stores around the world, is pleased to report the launch of the appScatter Android Software Developer Kit (“SDK”), which is now available to 25 million software developers, on GitHub, a computer code hosting service.

The SDK allows developers to conveniently integrate in-app billing to multiple Android app stores worldwide, including Amazon, Bemobi, Samsung and the Google Play Store. The SDK uses each store’s native in-app billing service, or a third-party carrier billing service for app stores without in-app billing, enabling developers to monetise their apps across a wider market, including the 50 app stores appScatter supports.

Android developers can contribute to the ongoing maintenance and development of the open source project on GitHub at The Company believes that building awareness of appScatter in large developer communities will be key to user growth of the platform.

The SDK can be integrated into Android apps that feature in-app billing, a service that lets developers sell virtual content from within their applications. Virtual content includes game levels, virtual money, premium services and more. In-app billing can include consumable, non-consumable and subscription revenues – further increasing the potential to improve app revenues.

appScatter intends to release a number of open source projects over the coming months, including extensions to the appScatter SDK.

Philip Marcella, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of appScatter, said:

“With the release of the SDK, we are confident that as we help developers monetise their apps across more stores, we help them make more revenue and, in turn, the developer community sees the massive benefit of using appScatter to distribute and manage their apps.”

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