Apple warns about security flaw in iPhones, iPads, and Macs

This vulnerability could allow attackers complete control over devices.

Apple has warned about serious security flaws in iPhones, iPads, and Macs that could allow attackers complete control.

The tech giant said it was aware of a report that the issue might have been exploited.

The malicious program “may be capable of executing arbitrary code with kernel privileges”, meaning that the hacker could gain full access to the device.

This vulnerability can also be used to process “maliciously created web content”, which could “may lead to arbitrary program execution” on WebKit. WebKit is Apple’s browser engine that runs various Apple applications like Safari, Mail, and App Store.

Security experts recommend that users update the affected devices. This includes the iPhones6S, later models, many models of iPad including the iPad Air 2, and all iPad Pro models. Some iPod models are also affected.

Rachel Tobac, chief executive of SocialProof Security, stated that hackers could exploit the vulnerability to gain “full admin” access to the device so they can execute any code “as if they were you, the user”.

Ms Tobac stated that those who need to be especially vigilant about updating their software include “people in the public eye”, such as journalists or activists, who could be targets of sophisticated nation-state spying.

Apple issued two security reports on Wednesday regarding the issue, but they didn’t receive much attention from outside tech publications.

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