Angle PLC (AGL.L) Research confirms high performance of Parsortix


Independent research confirms high performance of Parsortix ® system in isolating CTCs for downstream analysis

ANGLE plc (AIM:AGL OTCQX:ANPCY), a world-leading liquid biopsy company, is pleased to announce the publication of new data demonstrating the performance of ANGLE’s Parsortix® system in a head-to-head comparison with the leading antibody-based CTC system.

Researchers at Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute, Ontario, Canada, investigated the ability of the Parsortix system to harvest circulating tumour cells (CTCs) using blood from healthy volunteers spiked with tumour cells from an epithelial breast cancer cell line and a mesenchymal prostate cancer cell line.

The authors report that the Parsortix system could harvest significantly more mesenchymal prostate CTCs than the leading antibody-based CTC system and comparable numbers of epithelial breast CTCs. This is clinically relevant because, during the process of cancer metastases, cancer cells undergo morphological and molecular changes to transition from an epithelial to a mesenchymal phenotype. Although the transition to a mesenchymal phenotype is associated with increased metastatic potential and worse prognosis, many CTC isolation methods, including the leading antibody-based system, only identify cells expressing epithelial markers. These findings provide further evidence that the Parsortix system can isolate and harvest a variety of CTCs, irrespective of their surface antigens, for downstream molecular analysis.

Furthermore, unlike the leading antibody-based CTC system, which is used for enumeration, the Parsortix system allowed for the recovery of CTCs for downstream molecular analysis – specifically RNA expression. Rather than simply identifying the presence of CTCs, Parsortix has the ability to inform meaningful clinical decisions and provides a minimally invasive means to monitor disease and provide targeted treatment over time.

The authors conclude that the Parsortix system has many unique attributes which position it as an “ideal CTC platform for use in clinical trials and clinical patient management”. This includes easy cell marker customisation and the ability to harvest CTCs for downstream analysis.

The research, which has been published in the peer-reviewed journal of Clinical & Experimental Metastasis, may be accessed via

Professor Alison Allan – Senior Oncologist, London Regional Cancer Program and Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Western University, Ontario, Canada commented:

“It is estimated that 90% of cancer related deaths are due to metastatic disease because current therapies are non-curative against these aggressive cancers. Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) is well established as an important marker of metastasis, giving rise to cells with greater migratory capacity and invasiveness. However, many technologies used to detect CTCs rely on epithelial biomarkers. Here we demonstrate the unique attributes of Parsortix which position it as an ideal CTC platform for use in the clinic, including metastatic patients with predominantly mesenchymal CTCs.”

ANGLE Founder and Chief Executive, Andrew Newland, commented:

“We welcome the publication of this study by Professor Allan’s group which further demonstrates the capabilities of the Parsortix system to harvest CTCs, irrespective of biomarker status. Furthermore, the Parsortix system provides access to viable tumour cells for downstream analysis making it an optimal platform for personalised medicine and for informing the development of targeted therapies.

We look forward to harnessing Parsortix’s unique capabilities as we continue to make strong progress with the establishment of approved clinical laboratories to support the use of the Parsortix system for pharma services and subsequent clinical deployment for clinical use. As previously announced, the Parsortix system has been submitted to FDA, seeking the first ever FDA clearance for a system that harvests cancer cells from a simple blood draw for subsequent analysis.”

About ANGLE plc

ANGLE is a world leading liquid biopsy company with sample-to-answer solutions. ANGLE’s proven patent protected platforms include a circulating tumor cell (CTC) harvesting technology and a downstream analysis system for cost effective, highly multiplexed analysis of nucleic acids and proteins.

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