Alex Mashinsky and Celsius Are Going After All the Money in the World

Alex Mashinsky knows a thing or two about building strategically valuable companies.

He has made around 120 VC investments, holds 34 patents, raised over a billion dollars, and has achieved over $3 billion in exits.

alex mashinsky celsius
Crypto Interest Account Pioneer Alex Mashinsky and Takes on Big Finance
Alex Mashinsky knows a thing or two about building strategically valuable companies.

He has made around 120 VC investments, holds 34 patents, raised over a billion dollars, and has achieved over $3 billion in exits.

Celsius, Mashinsky’s eighth startup company as a founder, recently cross some significant new milestones:  53.5k BTC (about $513,600,000) in deposits, over 100,000 users, and close to $1B worth of deposits.

In this interview, we go over how Celsius is able to accomplish this, and why, according to Mashinsky, it is positioned to revolutionize the concept of an interest account.

His philosophy? Simple: “If you deliver reliable interest income, seven billion people will want to use your service.”

Be prepared, this is a chewy interview –and one of the best on the subject on the whole interwebs, but don’t let us toot our own horn, check it out for yourself!

What is the Celsius Network: Exploring the Crypto Interest Account and Lending Platform
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Ripple: a Quick Guide
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Alex Moskov, CoinCentral Editor-in-Chief

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