Alba Min Res PLC (AIM:ALBA) Greenland Exploration Update


Alba Mineral Resources plc (AIM: ALBA), the diversified mineral exploration and development company, is pleased to announce that exploration activities at the Company’s 100% owned Thule Black Sands and Inglefield LandProjects in north-west Greenland are scheduled to commence this month.




·     Thule Black Sands (North-west Greenland, 100% owned)

o   Approximately 1,000m of drilling and sampling planned

o   Offshore sampling to assess potential for future offshore exploration campaign

o   Bulk sampling for future processing testwork

o   Commencement of environmental studies

·     Inglefield Land (North-west Greenland, 100% owned)

o   Mapping and sampling of multiple targets prospective for cobalt, gold, copper, zinc and other previously identified anomalies

o   Operation to run concurrently to the Thule Black Sands exploration campaign


Alba’s Executive Chairman, George Frangeskides, commented:

We are excited to get back into the field shortly for our first full field campaign at Thule Black Sands, whilst also embarking on our maiden campaign at Inglefield Land, a project which contains targets for a suite of commodities, including cobalt, gold, zinc and nickel. We will be able to benefit from logistical cost savings in exploring both sites in north-west Greenland at the same time and look forward to reporting material results as and when they are available.”


Thule Black Sands (“TBS”) – Ilmenite (Greenland, 100% owned)


Drilling and sampling

Following the successful completion of the maiden exploration campaign in September 2017, where extensive surficial ilmenite deposits were identified and sampled, Alba is pleased to report that a drilling and sampling campaign has been planned across the full licence strike length with the aim of allowing the delineation of a maiden mineral resource statement for the TBS Project. 


Two lightweight, highly portable drill rigs will be used, ideally suited to being manoeuvred around the Project area.  Drill spacing will likely range from 250m by 100m to 500m by 100m with wider spaced holes in more distal targets. The Company is targeting up to approximately 1,000m of drilling and sampling dependant on the depth extent of the drillholes.


It is anticipated that all samples will be split on site with the samples for assay being sent to independent laboratories for determination of heavy mineral content. Coarse reject material from the sampling will be stored off-site for future testwork.


Target Reconnaissance


Additional potential targets within the licence have been identified through a review of satellite imagery. These include a number of deltaic deposits feeding the coastline where it seems apparent that the source water course cross cuts numerous sills and dykes that are the source for the ilmenite in the region. An example is from the south-east target where three clearly visible intrusive bodies are cut by a drainage channel that runs perpendicular to the intrusions. The water course is seen fanning out in to a delta system and flowing into the ocean where plumes of sediment are observed. It is anticipated that these potentially high-grade targets will be visited early in the exploration programme and, should they appear prospective, all efforts will be made to incorporate them in to the drill programme.


Offshore Sampling


Alba intends to use the specialist equipment being brought to site by the Company’s environmental consultants to collect some offshore samples from the sea bed, in order to test for the presence and grade of offshore ilmenite. The Project area, and in particular Booth Sound in the centre of the licence, has previously been identified by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (“GEUS”) as a target for offshore ilmenite resources, which is a logical assumption given the extensive high-grade ilmenite occurrences observed along the coast and the active river systems continuously transporting heavy mineral to the coast. The information gathered from this programme will help to support future offshore exploration activities.


Bulk sampling


Alba is intending to collect up to 20 tonnes of bulk samples from various locations across the licence and as dictated by the drilling. The bulk samples will be used for future metallurgical testwork.


Environmental Studies


During the upcoming fieldwork, Alba will be joined by a team of external environmental specialists who will commence the required studies to support a future Environmental Impact Assessment. The work planned will include the extensive collection of samples of flora and fauna.


Highlights of Previous Results at TBS


The forthcoming first full season at TBS is intended to build upon the strong results obtained from our short maiden field programme in September 2017, which was undertaken shortly after licence grant. Highlights of that previous short campaign included:


·     65 samples collected which showed a weighted average Total Heavy Mineral (“THM”) content of 46.7%

·     Seven composite samples of the Heavy Mineral Concentrate showing an in-situ ilmenite content averaging 10.0% and ranging from 5.7% to 14.9%

·     Ilmenite quality in a TiO2 content range of 45.6% to 47.4% with an average of 46.4% and low contaminants.


Inglefield Land – Multi-commodity (Greenland, 100% owned)


The exploration campaign planned at Inglefield will involve a team comprising two senior geologists with extensive experience of working in Greenland and with specific experience of working on the Inglefield Land project for previous operators there. The team will carry out a two-week mapping and sampling campaign across 5-6 key locations. These include the historically sampled locations listed below where a multi-commodity suite of anomalous grades has been identified.


·     Martome Fjord – Cu-Au target with >1% Cu and 1.6 g/t Au from rock chip samples

·     Marble East – Ni-Co target with 0.16% Co and 0.2% Ni from rock chip samples

·     Marble Lake – strong Cu-Au anomaly from rock chip samples returning grades >1% Cu and up to 1.7 g/t Au

·     Four Finger Lake – Cu-Au and Cu-Pb-Zn-Au anomaly from rock chip and soil samples including 1.8 g/t Au, 0.24% Cu


To assist the approaching fieldwork, a review of the available geochemical data has been complemented by a review of acquired satellite imagery to delineate geological trends that may control the mineralisation observed to date.


Licence Details


The TBS Project is held under Mineral Exploration Licences (“MEL”) 2017/29 and 2017/39, the official Greenlandic name of the Project being “Igannap Timaa”.  The Inglefield Land Project is held under MEL 2017/40 and MEL 2018/25.  Alba’s wholly-owned subsidiary White Eagle Resources Limited is the licence holder in all cases. 


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