13May 2017

LGO Energy PLC (AIM:LGO) jumps 40% on appointment of new CEO and name change

Leo Koot, LGO’s new Executive Chairman

Share Talk will be interviewing Leo Koot early next week in London and if share holders would like to ask any questions, please forward using the enquirers button on the site.

Last Thursday (11 May) RNS update announced Neil Ritson was to step down as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Leo Koot appointed as Executive Chairman, with a proposed change of Company name to Columbus Energy Resources PLC 

9Mar 2016

An exclusive Q & A session with LGO Energy

LGO Energy

The start of 2016 has proven to be a challenge to those invested in the oil and gas industry. Record low oil prices and the uncertainty of how many of the smaller companies plan to operate during these hard times will keep even the most narcoleptic of investors awake at night. With the set back of the last well they drilled (GY-678), long term holders had many questions they wanted to ask the company.

We decided to ask the company some of these tough questions to gain a bit more of an insight into their strategy for the near future. Now LGO have come out of their offer period, Neil Ritson, the CEO, provided us with a response to some of those key questions being asking.

9Dec 2015

A blog on LGO Energy Plc by @TheRumTraderLSE

LGO Energy

Much can be said about LGO Energy in the recent weeks since the misfortune it experienced with their last well. In the essence of its last CEO, they have become the marmite share of AIM. A legion of faithful followers who have averaged down over the recent weeks, picking up bargain prices against another camp that has benefited from its sharp decline.