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30Apr 2017

The Progress of Facebook’s 10-Year Masterplan

In the company’s first 10 years, Mark Zuckerberg transformed Facebook from a college side-project into a multi-billion dollar platform.

Along the way, Zuckerberg was given many opportunities to exit. He was offered $75 million from Viacom in the very early days, and then $1.5 billion later on (including $800 million cash up front). Yahoo also missed out on making a deal after having its $1 billion offer rejected in 2006.

23Apr 2017

A Look Back at Internet Firsts

In October 1969, UCLA student Charley Kline was attempting to send the word “login” over to the Stanford Research Institute using the internet’s precursor: ARPANET.

At first, the system crashed, only managing to send the letters “i” and “o”. But an hour or so later, the full message was successfully sent and history was made:

28Mar 2017

Twitter is being unbundled before our eyes

In March, Reddit announced it was introducing profile pages. The Reddit profile contains a list of the user’s posts in reverse-chronological order, and a follow button for subscribing to them. Co-founder Alexis Ohanian told The Verge that profiles are “a very big level-up for Reddit as a platform,” saying they would encourage users to share posts that might not work on the site’s topic-specific subreddits.

12Aug 2016

Social Media today – If you are not part of it, you will be left behind


Are today’s financial industry players paying attention to the revolution that is ongoing across the social landscape today, right before their eyes, or is it? Public relation companies are competing against an undercurrent they are totally unaware of, they don’t see or have access to the DM groups behind the public message they read on in the public domain.

Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Viber to name a few, are the powerful tools of choice for today savvy punters. These platforms are used on a daily basis investors to communicate with like minded people.