22May 2017

Mortice Limited (AIM: MORT) Acquisition Update and Contract Wins

Mortice Limited (AIM: MORT), the AIM listed security and facilities management company, announces that recently acquired Elite Cleaning & Environmental Services Ltd (“Elite”) has won two new contracts worth a combined total of £2.25m a year. These two new contracts take the Company into new sectors in the UK and provide further reliable revenue streams for the Company.

21May 2017

10 home batteries that rival Tesla’s Powerwall 2

elon musk teslaTesla

Tesla is far from the only company looking to profit off of rechargeable batteries for the home.

At-home batteries are a necessary purchase for anyone looking to convert their home to solar power. The batteries store the electricity generated by solar panels, which can then be used at night or during peak grid times to save money on your electricity bill.