1Aug 2017

The French are coming! SCDM Energy, Bouygues family take 5.03% UKOG

Operational Update and Warrant Exercise

Yesterday’s UKOG was released after market trading hour’s ‘Operational Update and Warrant Exercise All flow test regulatory permissions in place, work continues to “complete” the well followed by a rig-less flow-test. Preliminary log interpretations, an application to extend the exploration/testing phase for a further year submitted to West Sussex County Council.

8Nov 2016

What is waiting for you on the AIM Market today


A hatchling marine iguana stands perilously close to a hunting Galapagos racer snake

If you haven’t already seen this amazing clip from the series of Planet Earth you should. It will give you an idea of what is waiting for you when invest in the Alternative Investment Market.

You are entering a market that is geared up statically for you to lose 90% of your investment in the first year. It’s a ruthless place, make no mistake about it. Money changes people and this is a race that only the fittest will survive.

21Dec 2015

MX Oil Plc and the elephant in the room

MX Oil is another one of the popular oil and gas minnows on the AIM listing, quoted resources company primarily targeting near term production assets in proven oil and gas jurisdictions such as Mexico and Nigeria.

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