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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week

Thank you for messages in response to last weeks publication, when I mentioned that I would be appearing on a weekly slot on TipTv as part of my coverage of ‘Whats on Next’ I was overwhelmed with so many people passing messages to me via direct message and on open twitter that by the time I get around to publicising them, most company’s news flows will be out so I thank you all. I am amazed and it goes to show how passionate and enthused everyone is in the stocks they hold. I again thank @Zaktraderscafe of TipTv was well as the team working hard in the background. As always I am always open to your thoughts and suggestions as to what to cover on ‘Whats on Next’ the more I know the more coverage I can give, so please get in touch with us if there is more you feel we can be doing to help you and your investment journey…

If there is a share, event or person on social media that you would like to spread the news about or say thanks to let me know and I will cover these in ‘What’s on next’ in the next publication of Steve Shares

Whats hot? Whats not?

A turbulent week in some of the top stocks…

88 Energy (88e)
Still awaiting further news in reference to the remaining 50% potential oil in place, the share price started to move and volume increased and saw it hit the top of its recent trading range. Thoughts of many are that there could be a land purchase next week. I have been on TipTv today and have highlighted 88e as one to watch for next year see the interview here With news due by the end of December I hope the news flow comes out before Christmas so we can have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. I certainly think we will, what do you think? Thoughts and comments welcomed.

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR)

The share price makes for interesting comments and thoughts and as to what the charts are saying is anyone’s guess and no one really knows what is happening. I will hazard a guess that we need news flow and the news expected early next week is based around the Colorado department of oil and gas. Meetings in relation to permits and potential land sales are due and will we see news after these meetings? I guess time will tell. What are your targets for news flow and timescales? Thoughts and comments welcome.

CloudTag (CTAG)
Cloudtag this week has seen the share price continue to fall from recent highs and then rebound in amazing fashion. From 6p levels to its current 13p level this week has made it the most talked about stock this week. Many have traded it with good success so congratulations to them. Many still hold on and await news in relation to sales and deals in the market. This week a publication by Yahoo finance has seen the commentator stick his head out and said it could be one to watch in the year coming up see the article here news came late on Friday of a suspension I wish all holders good luck and hope for some good news. Let me know your thoughts.

Sepura (SEPU)
Holders and traders await if they announce a takeover bid. Last week they announced an extension until the close of play on the 9th December. This week again we see that there is an extension until the close of play on the 16th of December. My recent poll showed that people expect at least 50p as an offer. It looks like the offer and discussions that are happening are being taken seriously as the extensions may mean that the two parties are closer as opposed to further apart from a deal being favourable. I hope a formal offer is put on the table that will reward holders. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Hummingbird Resources (HUM)
I reported that last week the CEO Daniel Bets had commented that he was hoping to sign off a debt agreement shortly, and holders didn’t have to wait for long. Now announcing that they are fully funded and ready to start long term production this week sees a line drawn in the sand and another mining stock go into the realms of production into 2017. What are your thoughts on the deal for shareholders going forward? Could this be a stock to watch in 2017? Your thoughts please.

My thought of the week

The year is coming to a close many people will look at their most loved and hated stocks this year and reflect on the could have beens and the should have beens. Share Talk would invite comments and discussions on the areas of interest and the potential stocks to keep an eye on going into the new year. Please let us know via or via our other media channels. I wish you all a happy Christmas and hope you have had a good year and have an even better 2017.
Share Talk round up – Interviews and updates

Conkers Corner this week @conkers3 interviewed @timfprice the award winning fund manager. He has had a wide and varied journey, an author and co-founder/Director of PFP Wealth Management a UK-based investment and financial advisory practice which advises on and manages £1.5 billion in client assets and is designed to provide investors with global exposure to managers pursuing value investment strategies. Tim is also a columnist for MoneyWeek magazine where he runs an investment advisory service, The Price Report gives individual investors the chance to hear the very latest views, insights and specific tips from top-level City investors and professional managers.

Gain insights into a well known and respected individual here 

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What’s On Next…

Now teaming up with TipTv on a weekly basis is there any company that you like the look of?

This week I put across what I feel is and has been this years stock 88e as one to watch next year.

Is it undervalued? Is it under the radar? Let me know and I will see if it is worthy of being reported via this avenue of someone whom is seen as an industry leader of information and interviews.

Any questions please feel free to contact me on @slarratt1 or on 07963777475 or email

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