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I provide a round up of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


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@wayne_lomax1 has provided me with a summary of his stocks this week.

@ShehnazPatel3 has highlighted #EDL and has given a summary so thanks to him also.

I also wish to spread the news on a stock which seems to be undervalued at present and off the radar, feel free to let me know your thoughts… All of these are covered in ‘What’s on next’ at the end of this article.

Whats hot? Whats not?

The regulars…

(HNR) (CTAG) (88e)

Still leading the tables over social media news is still expected on all fronts in relation to these favourites, hope news comes soon for holders and I will be covering these stories as they develop.

Intertek Group (ITRK)

Opportunities in the ‘internet of things’ market seem to be coming thick and fast at present and Intertek Group has acted on these. The quality assurance provider has bought out cyber security specialist EWA Canada, a subsidiary of Electronic Warfare Associates, for an undisclosed sum.

It is estimated that there will be more than 20bn connected devices by 2020 as the internet of things market grows. Is this a good company to access this expanding market? Brokers notes have changed target prices this week, what are your aims and targets?

Your thoughts and comments please on #stitrk and tag me in @slarratt1

Nu-Oil and Gas (NUOG)

Off the radar until the share price started soaring this week Nu-Oil and Gas saw amazing daily gains well done to holders. However this was met with the normal skepticism and rumours. Takeovers and joint ventures were being banded about as were rumours of placements. Several researchers commented on the debt levels and suspended parts of the business as risky elements. The day after came the placement. With the shake up of the share price and the RNS being released the Ceo mentioned that a potential deal was on the table and saw the share price rising again on Friday. Is this a longer term investment or is this a trade? What deal would long term holders like to see from the share?

Thoughts and comments on #stnuog and tag me in @slarratt1

Strategic Minerals Ltd (SML)

Newly onto the leaders boards over social media, the prospects of this company within the country and region is there for all to see. The neighbouring company of Sirius Minerals went from 5c to $5 will Strategic Minerals be able to do the same? Time will tell, however with results due soon do you think the company is currently undervalued? With other assets on the books are these not priced in?

Your thoughts and comments please on this interesting looking company!

Thoughts and comments on #stsml and tag me in @slarratt1

My thought of the week

I often get asked about certain companies and my thoughts on it or how to properly research the company. What lengths people want to research a company to is up to an individual themselves. With so many different channels of information to glean information from what do you look for in any investment? Do you see some plays as trades and others as investments? Lets help each other by creating a list of research items and create a database and checklist to help others who ask the same questions…
Share Talk round up

This week on Conkers Corner

@conkers3 Welcomed award winning Investment Fund Manager @gervais_mam Gervais Williams. He is currently the Managing Director of Miton Group Plc, where he and the team monitor the market trend changes beyond the credit boom, and aim to set up funds with investment strategies harnessing forthcoming investment trends.

Since 1985 Gervais has worked in the Investment industry, after successfully applying for a Trainee Fund Manager role at the Throgmorton Investment Trust Gervais has worked with Thornton Investment Management (now part of Dresdner Bank) Gartmore Asset Management and Miton Group. Gervais has had a successful career, so much so that his experience and passion led to him writing his book “The Future is Small” Listen now to gain insights into how Gervais invests and learn from the lessons in his successful and insightful investing journey.

Listen to the interview here
Interviews and updates

Metal Tiger (MTR)

Share Talk presents Mining Maven’s interview with Paul Johnson the CEO of Metal Tiger Plc at the Cote, London

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Noricum Gold Limited (NMG)

Share Talk presents Noricum Golds completion of the share consolidation taken effect

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Regency Mines (RGM)

Share Talk Presents an article by Paul Johnson entitled Regency Mines a tale of the unexpected.

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Ferrum Crescent Ltd (FCR)

Share Talk interviewed Justin Tooth CEO of Ferrum Crescent Ltd about their Spanish assets and the Potential news flow at Moonlight

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European Metal Holdings (EMH)

Share Talk spoke to Keith Coughlan MD from European Metal Holdings about raising funds from Rare Earth Minerals.

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Share Talk presents London South East episode 10 where Zak Mir interviews David Lenigas about his projects.

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Horizonte Minerals (HZM)

Share Talk interviewed Jeremy Martin Ceo of Horizonte Minerals about the positive Pre-Feasibility Study on Enlarged 100% owned Araguaia Nickel Project in Brazil.

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Mkango Resources Ltd (MKA)

Share Talk presents a questions and answers session from the Ceo of Mkango Resources Ltd William Dawes.

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Metal Tiger (MTR)

Share talk interviewed Paul Johnson CEO of Metal Tiger in a live interview.

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Share Talk presents ‘Reducing overconfidence in traders’ an article on the mental techniques in your trading journey.

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Rio Tinto (RIO) and Savannah Resources (SAV)Share Talk presents Rio Tinto and Savannah Mutamba/Jangamo Joint Venture Update

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Wresources (WRES)

Share Talk Presents Mining Maven’s publication where Michael Masters presented at the Cote in London

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Share Talk interviewed Michael Masterman about the start up ahead of time at La Parirlla

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Share Talk presents W Resources Half Year Results for the Six Months Ended 30 June 2016

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what’s on next…

Thank you for your interactions

firstly coverage on an under the radar stock which could be transforming over the foreseeable future…

Aminex (AEX)

Cash £18m + $1m Per month from Kilwani Gas Sales

Fully funded for next two high impact Ntorya 2 and Ntorya 3 Drills

The Company’s focus is its three licences in Tanzania, where it was one of the first independent oil companies to enter the country in 2002:

Aminex’s Tanzanian acreage position is estimated to have a total of 11.5 TCF in mean gross resources and is close to several of the largest discoveries made in this exciting emerging exploration and production province

Licence 1 – Kiliwani North Development Licence (54.575%) Operator

The Kiliwani North Field has been independently ascribed with 28 BCF gross contingent (2C) resource and is currently in production in the Kiliwani North -1 well tested at 40 mmcfd. Gas is sold at the well head in $US at a fixed price and fed directly into the Tanzania’s new pipeline infrastructure to Dar es Salaam. As operator, Aminex has control of the production ramp up, work programme and quantity and timing of future capital expenditure.

Licence 2 – Ruvuma Production Sharing Agreement (75%) Operator

The Ruvuma acreage includes Aminex’s Ntorya-1 onshore Cretaceous gas discovery which has been independently ascribed 70 BCF gross contingent (2C) resource in the Ruvuma Basin. The well tested at 20 mmcfd. Aminex is currently appraising the discovery as well as continuing exploration activity on the licensed area in the prospective Ruvuma Basin.

Licence 3 – Nyuni Area Production Sharing Agreement (90%) Operator

The Nyuni Area acreage offers high impact exploration and has been ascribed 4.2 TCF prospective resource. Drilling success in the region based on 3D seismic has been over 90%

Further $1m Per month to Aminex from the Kilwani north gas sales with high potential to increase further..

In April, the Group became an African producer for the first time. Following the signing of a Gas Sales Agreement (‘GSA’) in January with the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (‘TPDC’), first gas flowed into the newly constructed pipeline system on 4 April 2016. The well is currently producing at 15 to 25 mmcfpd with approximately 150 bblsd of condensate. No significant pressure decline has been observed in the reservoir and the well remains fully capable of production rates up to 30 Mmcfd.

Cash flow from Kiliwani North-1 will allow the Company to support operations and further strengthen the balance sheet currently producing equivalent to 5000 bopd with a high potential to increase further.

In November 2015 Bowleven agreed to pay Aminex $28m for 25% of Kilwani and 50% of Ruvuma on no production which was not accepted by Aminex.

29.9% Held by ARA Petroleum Limited , The ARA Petroleum division of Zubair Corporation is managed by highly-experienced international oil industry professionals and the Company welcomes not only their financial input but also their technical and operational contribution. The Zubair Corporation is family-owned and one of the most important companies in the Sultanate of Oman, with interests across many sectors and areas of the world.

Directors all with strong holdings.

Recent appointment of Investec Bank plc to bring in larger investors.

Ruvuma PSA Aminex intends to apply for a 25-year development licence.

Ruvuma is a world class basin which has discovered over 170TCF and increasing.

Ruvuma Ntorya-1 is a Gas and Liquid Discovery.

Drilling of the Ntorya-2 appraisal well Mid/End October located approximately only 1.5 km south-west and up-dip of Ntorya-1 Discovery well giving a 60% chance of a discovery.

Rig contract signed for the drilling of the Ntorya-2 appraisal well in the Ruvuma basin. The Caroil 2 drilling rig is currently on the Ntorya 1 well pad and preparations are under way to mobilize the rig and equipment to the Ntorya 2 pad, which is 1500m away. The contract is for one firm well with an option for a second well.

Q1/2017 Drilling of the Ntorya-3 soon after Ntorya-2 well. The target has been identified from the 2D seismic acquired in 2014 and will be drilled in the thickest part of the main Cretaceous channel in 1H 2017. The Ntorya-3 reservoir is further up-dip from Ntorya-1 and Ntorya-2 and will test a further 323 BCF gross best estimate Prospective Resource (945 BCF gross Pmean gas in-place).

Both the Ntorya-2 and Ntorya-3 wells have multi-zone potential and are expected to test additional exploration targets in addition to appraising the priority Cretaceous gas sand discovery.

The Ruvuma PSA – Aminex is reviewing options for an early production system in order to commercialise discoveries with a low capital outlay through the gas pipeline which runs from the south-east of Tanzania to Dar es Salaam. The pipeline and associated facilities became operational in Q3 2015 and provide a means of marketing gas discoveries at Ruvuma through selling gas to the TDPC

Since 30 June, Aminex has received formal Ministerial approval for the extension of the Mtwara Licence of the Ruvuma PSA. The Licence has been extended by one year to December 2017. Negotiations are ongoing for the extension of the Lindi Licence and its work commitments and, at the recommendation of the Minister, Aminex is applying for a two-year extension

As well as the proposed Ntorya-2 and Ntorya-3 wells, several further well locations were identified from the 2014/2015 mapping, including potential well locations at Likonde and Namisange.

Tanzania Nyuni Area PSA – Aminex has applied for the First Extension Period, Once the First Extension Period licence has been granted, a re-tender process is planned to select a 3D seismic contractor capable of acquiring high resolution 3D seismic over the key Pande West lead and to identify other potential prospects in the deep water with a view to bringing them to drill-ready status. Pande West is analogous to some of the recent major deep water discoveries in the vicinity. The drilling success rate achieved by other operators, based on 3D seismic in the main fairway east of Nyuni Area, is over 90%. The Company is reviewing ways to enable the potential monetisation of discoveries on the shelf and deep water through delivery into the National Gas Gathering System

Aminex now has a strong financial and technical base to enable it to build on previous drilling successes in Tanzania. First priority will be to drill and commercialise its position in the onshore Ruvuma Basin and then develop other opportunities in the region. With sound finances and strong shareholders, the Company can look to the future with greatly increased confidence

Aminex CEO Interview on Ruvuma Ntorya-1 , Ntorya-2 and Ntorya-3

Aminex CEO Interview on Kilwani Production equivalent to 5000 barrels of oil per day

your thoughts and comments please on #staex and tag me in @slarratt1

Edenville Energy plc (EDL)

@ShehnazPatel3 has provided this write up on Edenville Energy plc thanks to him.

registered in the United Kingdom is an African coal exploration and development company developing an integrated coal to power project in western Tanzania.

In today’s world what can US$9m buy you? For Edenville Energy it’s cost US$9m and 6 years to take this natural resources company to brink of signing major commercial coal sale contracts with a number of interested parties in a nation that recently banned coal imports. After that the journey is planned to supply of coal to the desperately needed power station that the Tanzanian government hopes will light the nations path towards economic prosperity.

Since October 2008, the Company’s strategy had been investing, participating in joint ventures or acquiring one or more companies or businesses in the natural resource sector in Africa (and other geographical areas where considered appropriate). In June 2009, the Company set out its intention to identify and pursue a suitable acquisition target which would be fitting to the overall strategy of developing the Company into a successful natural resources exploration business.

In March 2010, the Company successfully completed the acquisition of Edenville International Limited (“Edenville”), which, through its 99.5 per cent. owned subsidiary, Edenville Tanzania, owned six prospecting licences in Tanzania with a particular focus on coal and uranium. The aggregate consideration for this acquisition was approximately £7 million which was satisfied by the issue and allotment of an aggregate of 1,393,941,536 Ordinary Shares. The Company also raised £1million by way of a placing of 200 million ordinary shares of 0.02 pence at 0.5 pence per share in order to meet the costs of the acquisition and to provide additional working capital for the Enlarged Group. At the same time the company changed its name to Edenville Energy plc.

Today Edenville stands ready to dig for victory and to supply the coal that the nation craves, currently only 45% of urban areas are electrified and this falls to below 5% for rural areas. The Tanzanian government was re-elected on the promise of rural electrification and economic prosperity. Currently Edenville energy are awaiting results of coal bulk sampling that was sent to a laboratory in Johannesburg. A total of approximately 20 tonnes of coal has been extracted from open pit areas at three different locations in Mkomolo and Namwele.

Rufus Short CEO of Edenville Energy plc said: “We are extremely encouraged after seeing the near-surface coal seams exposed when opening up the areas for bulk sampling. Material is now on its way to South Africa and we expect to start receiving results from the testing in October. Extensive coal measures exist at surface which provides the Company with an opportunity to rapidly advance the commercial production at our Rukwa site, which can be done in conjunction with the development of mine mouth power generation. “The Rukwa project already has a mining licence and environmental certificate in place and we are working on options to assess the financial viability of a phase 1 operation to place the project into commercial production. As such we are in advanced discussions with several parties connected with both extraction of the coal and sales of the product and will update our shareholders at the earliest opportunity. Early mining of the deposit will also provide “proof of concept” for the coal fuel source component of the Company’s Coal to Power Project and provide further reassurance beyond the 173 million tonnes of JORC compliant resource that we have. This is an extremely exciting time for the Company and we hope to provide updates at regular intervals over the next quarter on our progress in the development of the deposits at Mkomolo and Namwele.”

Recently a new Prospecting Licence (“PL”) has been granted to the Tanzanian subsidiary of Edenville. PL 10884/2016 replaces PL 6101/2009, subsequent to the carve out of the Company’s Mkomolo mining licence (ML 562/2016). PL 10884/2016 is 30.1 square km in size. Rufus Short, CEO commented: “We have been seeing strong interest from potential commercial customers for our coal following the government’s recent ban on coal imports into Tanzania. These funds have been primarily raised to progress and take advantage of these opportunities to move Edenville rapidly to become a coal producer, albeit likely at a modest scale in the first instance. Our primary focus remains developing our Rukwa Coal to Power project which will be able to fully exploit our coal resource, but moving into production will both provide an income stream for the Company and demonstrate the quality of our coal.”

Exciting times ahead for Edenville Energy and the Tanzanian government, It is time to deliver (the coal). Your thoughts and comments on #stedl and tag me @slarratt1 and @ShehnazPatel3 in.

@wayne_lomax1 has given a round up on his shares this week thanks to him!

There has Been good news on the north slope of Alaska with Caelus finding approx 6 billion barrels of oil. This can only be good news for #88e especially as we are waiting on our own potential conventional find. Increasing oil prices are also good news. Let’s hope around 2.75p is the new bottom.

#Hnr has been a slow week as we work through the last tranche of warrants, some people on social media thought that they wouldn’t be exercised as apparently that is what Robert Price told them at the recent agm. Not sure he would have been allowed to give out such price sensitive info but apparently he did? All new companies need money so it was pretty obvious he would want to get the extra £2.5 mill. The recent drill for methane and helium looks promising as does using the DT Ultravert to prevent well bashing as well as re fracking, you would know more about how that works than me Steve. The next few weeks should be very interesting.

#Prox are still waiting for Digital payment sale news. And #Rhl are still waiting to hear if they will be awarded a contract to supply the new Hinckley power station.


@Faslam_aslam mentioned #TRP still awaiting on news there, and has added #PXOG #MKA and #88e as potential news flow stories to come.

@DanCButler has mentioned #PREM has lots of news due, according to their RNS they should have been updating the market in September

@jonesejm has mentioned premium placing for #NLG we still await news, and another #MKA

@Multibagger_AIM and @markscott247 still awaiting newly listed #CPT news flow in due course apart from the recently announced Chinese agreement?

@Watermelon_Pir is expecting news on #ALBA and #MKA what are you hoping for? @Awkturtle1 has said it shows great potential

@stephenfryup1 said that #WSG looks good at long last after the RNS is hoping for good near term news flow and a £35m (15 years) p/a contract.

@AIM_Chaos mentioned #BMN and is expecting multiple news on many fronts near term with the share price at an all time low could it be a good entry point? He will do a write up for followers via Steve Shares soon.


Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for news…

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