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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for messages in response to last years publications. ‘Whats on Next’ has been a hit with followers of Steve Shares with many asking for their most favorable looking stocks to be covered on TipTv this week I talk about Microsaic Systems Plc which is an interesting looking technology company.

Listen here  Stock watch: Microsaic, Amryt Pharma, Cloud Tag – Share Talk

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Whats hot? Whats not?

The top stocks…

88 Energy (88e)

Still awaiting further news to the remaining 50% potential of the seismic data. I hope that the remaining piece of the bigger puzzle holds more potential oil in place. Hopes are that an updated oil in place will be issued shortly as well as an update on items relating to the drilling of icewine2… This is the first deadline that has been quoted that has not been met by Dave Wall, this has left many thinking that the next piece of new will be a bumper RNS, any thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR)

Rumours doing the rounds are that the university of Utah have delivered data to Highland Natural Resources and holders are awaiting the news on weather they have Helium in place. With many aspects to the business going forward in both land assets and technology. What news will it take to get to peoples target prices? Thoughts and comments welcome.

EVR Holdings (EVRH)

Holders of the stock have had a very happy new year so far in relation to the share price. After a very quiet last quarter and a levelling of the share price into the Xmas period they released news on their product having a test release. The creators of virtual reality content, announced that its subsidiary MelodyVR Ltd (‘MelodyVR’) will launch a beta version of its music platform on 24th December 2016.

MelodyVR will launch a staged beta programme to a closed group of users who will experience advanced platform functionality and exclusive content, accessible via Samsung Gear VR devices. The initial user group, comprising a broad range of geographies and demographics, will collect insights and data relating to how consumers interact with the music service Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Displays. Other well known brands released throughout October and November 2016, include PlayStation VR and Google Daydream. Is this a company that can make a major impact into this market? What are the hopes of holders over the longer term? Let me know your thoughts.

Kodal Minerals (KOD)

Kodal minerals previously covered by Share Talk has seen the potential finally realised against the share price over the Xmas period, with the news released and reported on the rock chip samples returning These initial rock-chip results confirm the presence of high-grade lithium mineralisation at Bougouni and reinforced the confidence in the prospective, potential strategic value of the asset. Kodal has acquired a significant landholding in the region and the exploration activity is continuing to highlight multiple targets and areas of high-grade lithium mineralisation. It took almost two weeks for the share price to react after this news, the subsequent news release on the 30th of December shows that they are expecting the full data back from its drilling program by the end of January. What are your hopes and expectations in regards to the news? What are the longer term prospects for the company? Your comments are welcomed.

Ascent Resources (AST)

Covered by Steve Shares last year the share price continues to impress up toward the delivering of gas to the local markets to satisfy the contractual agreement in place in quarter 1. With the news of the work over of the rig in place having been successful where do you see the potential of the company going forward? With the shareprice at recent highs is being a producer enough? Thoughts and comments are welcomed.

My thought of the week

What do you see as the major stocks for this year? Last years ftse 100 sector winner was mining based companys. Are the smaller cap mining stocks going to come into the forefront of a recovering sector? What are the sectors to watch or companys to keep an eye on? I wish us all a prosperous year and have an even better 2017 than 2016.
Share Talk round up – Interviews and updates

Conkers Corner this week @conkers3 interviewed @RoskillEdward Edward Roskill. A qualified lawyer, solicitor, corporate financier, former JP Morgan Investment Banker, entrepreneur, co-founder of Strata Partners and millionaire private investor. Edward’s interests in stocks and shares began when he was around 16 years of age after being intrigued by the share price movements in the newspaper and he first started by trading put and call options. For his 18th birthday, Edward received £500 worth of shares in two companies and this was probably his first proper introduction into investing in shares.

Edward remains a partner at Strata Partners and he spends about a third of his time working with specific clients and transactions. He spends two-thirds of his time managing his family’s investments, where he focuses on small-cap and microcap AIM-listed investments. Edward’s investment strategy is one of researching smaller companies that are less well examined and less looked at by fund managers, as that is where he finds “little gems” that are sensibly valued. Even then Edward is a firm advocate of visiting the company, meeting and speaking with their management and really getting to know the business before he makes any kind of investment. This enables him to reduce his risks and increase his conviction towards his investments on the occasions that markets impact his shareholdings. Edward stresses that one of his most important tenets of investing is “don’t lose money”.

Listen or watch now to gain insights into how Edward’s deep research, analysis and investments in mainly AIM-listed companies, has led to him becoming an accomplished entrepreneur and Millionaire ISA investor.

Listen here Conkers Corner speaking with Edward Roskill

A big THANK YOU to the support, kindness and great video production skills of @tamzinpiworld Tamzin and Tim Freeman of at the Finn Cap London Office offices, courtesy of founder and CEO Sam Smith.

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What’s On Next…

Now teaming up with TipTv on a weekly basis is there any company that you like the look of?

This week I covered

Microsaic Systems Plc (MSYS)

Microsaic Systems Plc is a high technology company developing chip-based, bench-top mass spectrometry (“MS”) instruments that are designed to improve the efficiency of Pharma R&D.

The Company is working with established global companies in preparative and purification science with expertise in Pharma and life sciences to co-develop new, integrated and optimised, application-specific, solutions to improve productivity in the development of small molecule and novel biologic (peptides, antibodies) medicines.

The Microsaic 4000 MiD single quadrupole, is the world’s smallest MS system, retaining the functionality of larger conventional MS systems, is easier to use by non-specialists, consumes less energy and has lower running costs. The Company is also developing new MS systems, based on its patented chip technologies, to address further areas of emerging need in

Pharma R&D

Recent trading update with sales up by 8% has created private investors interest and the volume gradually increasing, Taking in mind shareprice highs of 47p and the 12 month highs of 24p, Recently bouncing off 3p record lows gives investors to think about a very high chance of a recovery play.

Microsaic with a cash balance of £5.7m and no debts puts the £6m mcap into context, With Institutional Investors and directors holding almost 80% of company shares just leaves a small portion for private investors

There should be no shortage of news with a number of innovative applications areas being evaluated for the 4000 single quad and contacts are made with appropriate companies to be partners for these. As a result further OEM contracts are potentially expected, the combined market estimated is expected to grow to $2.5 billion by end 2017.

Let me know of what should be on next and I will see if it is worthy of being reported via this avenue of someone whom is seen as an industry leader of information and interviews.

Any questions please feel free to contact me on @slarratt1 or on 07963777475 or email

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