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I provide a round up of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Share Talks has been in existence now for just 10 months and it has been an incredible journey thus far so a big thank you for your support. At the 6 months anniversary we did a review of our company’s here

Several of those companies are featured in today’s Steve Shares and are only just starting their journeys. As with all journeys things change along the way, now with Share Talk we are re branding so we can continue our journey so we can be here to support our clients needs and continue to grow for your needs.

Read about the re branding here


Whats hot? Whats not?

Ferrum Crescent Ltd (FCR)

This week Ferrum Crescent announced the long awaited asset purchase from GoldQuest. The Toral and Lago projects are zinc and lead projects with other minerals seen in tests already done by the previous owners. In conjunction with this they announced a work program had already been pre planned and is under way to add potential upside to these projects. This news was well received and saw a flurry of action on social media, the main question was ‘what is now a fair price?’ With the Moonlight Project in South Africa with high grade resources in place and potential deals, what are your hopes and expectations?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #stfcr tag me in @slarratt1

GVC Holdings (GVC)

GVC Holdings has been an excellent gainer after the acquisition of larger rival Bwin.Party back in February. With the chart showing steady gains the online gaming and gambling group said it was confident of achieving excellent results for 2016 after its first half results. GVC holdings has more than doubled adjusted pre-tax profits to £51.3m in the first six months of the year and said organic growth opportunities from the acquisition were greater than it had initially expected but would need to be extracted through increased marketing investment. With other Gambling groups subject to take over offers recently and making changes in the market to gain value is GVC Holdings one of the better shares to hold for longer gains? Or are others more attractive from low points?

Your thoughts comments and questions are welcomed on #stgvc tag me in @slarratt1

Highland Natural Resources (HNR)

Highland natural resources this week announced that testing of DT Ultravert in the Piceance Basin, had commenced in cooperation with Laramie Energy, Schlumberger Limited and Calfrac Well Services Corp. With the release of the operational update with regards to recent progress at their onshore U.S. projects showing drilling to commence and an independent report for its Niobrara farm in project it looks like the start of the news flow. With the warrants now looking like they have cleared and the news due what are your thoughts on the potential news flow in connection to the company? What are your share price expectations? With the release showing the potential longer term prospects is this a traders share or a longer term hold?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #sthnr tag me in @slarratt1

Sepura (SEPU)

Covered by Steve Shares in the last edition, Sepura PLC warned that earnings for its full financial year could be below expectations. The share price has risen amazingly for those traders that entered the share near to the bottom, those that did are sitting on a substantial profit now. This raises a question for those involved. With orders being lower than expected due to delays, and key contract awards and its Systems business also being delayed. Is this a good recovery stock even after recent rises?

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed on #stsepu and tag me in @slarratt1

Xtract Resources (XTR)

Xtract Resources announced on Thursday that, after undertaking a review of the Chepica Mine it has determined that the underlying fundamentals and the risk associated with the project were no longer supportive of continuing investment. Next month the company will relinquish its option and mining rights at Chepica. Is this now a boom or bust share to hold? With Manica and Chepica now off the table is the company trustworthy? Is it just bad luck that the assets can’t be processed further? Is the companies foresight and due diligence off the mark?

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed on #stxtr tag me in @slarratt1

My thought of the week

All over social media there are people with different aims and goals with their share portfolio. Some want quick 10% gains on a daily basis, others only invest to make 10% over a year per company. With most company’s share prices fluctuating what are the thoughts about trading vs investing? Do you only trade or invest? Do you do both depending on the shares involved?

Share Talk round up

This week on Conkers Corner

@conkers3 interviewed @PaulJKavanagh1 Paul Kavanagh is the CEO and founder of Patronus Partner. An accessible investment management and stockbroking service that provides a comprehensive approach to investment management. Paul has been working in the City of London from the age of sixteen, have a listen to the interview to listen to his story and journey and learn about his strategy…

Listen to the interview here

Interviews and updates

Ferrum Crescent LTD

Share Talk interviewed Justin Tooth, Executive Chairman of Ferrum Crescent LTD in relation to the recent acquisitions of the Toral and Lago Zinc and Lead projects. Justin also talks about up and coming news flow in relation to its Moonlight Asset in South Africa

Listen to the interview here

W Resources Plc

Share Talk presents W Resources Plc, the tungsten, copper and gold, production, exploration and development company with assets in Spain and Portugal, is pleased to announce that tungsten concentrate production has successfully commenced at the La Parrilla mine in Spain ahead of schedule.

Read the announcement here

Secure Property Development & Investment Plc

Lambros G. Anagnostopoulos talks to Share Talk about the recently announced interim results. He also discusses the sales made in Ukraine and Romania while given his view on the Emerging European property markets.

Listen to the interview here

Highland Natural Resources

Share Talk interviewed CEO Robert Price, VP of Engineering Domingo Mata, Paul Mendell and FD Cully Cavness. They covered the release of the operational update with regards to recent progress at their projects.

Listen here

Share Talk presents Pin the Tail on the Monkey – Musings on Portfolio Management – Part 2 of 2 listen to the second instalment of how to manage your portfolio by @wheeliedealer

Read the article here

Whats on next…

Thank you for your interactions as to what’s on next…

@DanCButler mentioned #PREM had lots of news due. Two pieces landed what are your thoughts?

@jonesejm mentioned that a premium placing in regards to #NLG? Still not here and no news about a joint venture on the way for #MKA yet?

@wayne_lomax1 mentioned that #PROX looks good and news of a new contract arrived… Well done holders

@Multibagger_AIM and @markscott247 #CPT still under the radar? Still awaiting news flow…

@Faslam_aslam mentioned #TRP and now also #CLON and #PXOG

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for news…

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